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Jane P
2011-03-29, 7:38pm
I remember when I first started lampworking back in 2007, one of the first things I learnt was that you could not encase reds, yellows and oranges, because they would crack. Well, lately I have been seeing all kinds of encased red, yellow and orange beads by some well known beadmakers. Have things changed, or was I just misinformed back in 2007. I would hate to go ahead and make up a set just to have it crack on the customer.
Anyone have any info for me? Thanks!

Toni Lutman
2011-03-29, 10:55pm
Start with a clear core, then encase that with a thin layer of the special colors.

Thought I'd add that you should still test a bit before doing a bunch of beads because even with the clear core, some colors (like coral) still might give you problems.

Carolyn M
2011-03-30, 6:08am
Wow, I've always encased mine. Mind you, most of my 'warm' colours are CIM, not Effetre, maybe that is the difference

2011-03-30, 6:52am
I've never done it, but there are more clears available than there used to be so perhaps people are having better luck? What Toni said works great with most designs.

2011-03-30, 2:23pm
an even layer of encasing really helps plus also they need a good reheat once completed before going in the kiln. i'd hang on to the test beads for a couple weeks before deciding to make a batch to sell. i don't have cracking often with those colours but when i do it usually starts a few days after annealing.

2011-03-30, 2:36pm
I didn't know this rule.
I have been encasing Effetre yellows and corals with clear and haven't had problems...
Could this be beginners luck? I don't know...

Jane P
2011-03-31, 6:56am
Thanks for your input everyone, I appreciate your suggestions. I must add that because of this information I received when I first started lampworking I have never even tried to encase reds, yellows or oranges, so now I will have a go at it.

2011-03-31, 7:53am
I don't do alot of encasing but I can tell you that I have encased all but coral. Never had any problems.

Sheila D.
2011-03-31, 11:40am
I've encased reds and oranges at the holidays and never had a problem.

2011-04-01, 9:57am
Thanks for your input everyone, I appreciate your suggestions. I must add that because of this information I received when I first started lampworking I have never even tried to encase reds, yellows or oranges, so now I will have a go at it.

I'm so glad you asked this question - I was wondering the same, and I started around the same time as you (2006-7)) did and was also told that encasing red, yellow and orange was verboten - we were told it would crack and only a tiny thin amount of transparents "might" be able to to be used, on a think clear sandwich. And yet now, everyone seems to be encasing everything - what gives?

2011-04-01, 10:02am
The only Effetre colour that I have trouble with every single time I try to encase it is the handmade Silver Pink.

2011-04-01, 10:08am
I too was always told you cannot encase these colors, I started around 2005-2006. I had tried a few timed and I got cracking, so I've never attempted this again. I was talking to another bead maker last year and said she had never heard of that rule...took a class and the teacher encased a beautiful red bead. She related the same thing -- to start with a clear base, encase in the red/orange/yellow color of choice and you should be fine. This opens up a whole new world!

Well, when I started, I was told that you couldn't encase frit, that it had to lie on the surface...I found out really fast that wasn't true!

2011-04-01, 10:50am
The only thing I can't encase is Gelly pink by CIM. I do fine with everything else but I do lay down a clear core.

Jane P
2011-04-01, 1:01pm
I have done a few test beads - rounds in my bead roller. I did a small base of red or yellow, then encased in clear, so we will see what happens. I will keep them and put them in the freezer and subject them to other tests.

Jane P
2011-04-01, 7:03pm
Here is a picture of the test beads (the purple ones are just because I like the combo). I will abuse them for a while, and if they survive that, then I will make them into a bracelet for myself and see if they can survive that!
Sorry the pic is blurry, but I used Macro setting and there is no depth of field in Macro.

Otter's Flame
2011-04-01, 7:59pm
At the risk of irritating some people I would like to address this issue. I used to post on a glass/creativity blog and one of my posts was titled: "Don't Listen To Us"

When i first started working glass I isolated myself from the lamp work community as best as I could. I experimented feverishly and turned out a lot of non-beads. This time was vitally important to me and i focused on process... not the end product. I do not have unlimited resources so I do understand how hard this can be. You feel like you "waste" a lot of glass. Nothing is wasted if you are learning and growing through the process.

After a couple of years I started looking at more and more work from other glass artists and started reading a lot of the tips and techniques threads and asking questions.

It amazed me that one of the first things I was told was to absolutely avoid encasing Effetre transparent red. I had been doing that for two years with no problems so I asked why I couldn't. The person told me that the beads will crack and that in no way is Effetre transparent red compatible with clear glass. Hmmmmmmm interesting. I already had these beads that were two years old that did NOT crack and to this day still have not.

I read with amazement the prolific tips how you should never mix color A with color B or how you can encase this but not that. I read many threads that told me I could not do many of the things I had spent the last two years learning to do.

There are some amazingly talented artists here that I respect very much. They take the time and effort to do a lot of experimentation and comparison and write out very detailed results for the rest of us. They provide an amazing, selfless service and contribute to a priceless body of ever growing knowledge.

Having said that.... my advice is and always will be.... take the advice you learn here and then PLEASE go and experiment on your own. Unbiased experimentation can be a very powerful thing and yield amazing and unpredicted results.

So to to those of you that read tips and techniques, that ask questions and earnestly apply the information you learn..... PLEASE.... don't listen to us.

Jane P
2011-04-01, 8:22pm
LOL - Thanks Otter - great advice!

2011-04-02, 10:27pm
I was taught the same thing in a Leah Fairbanks beginner class many,many years ago. And I have seen those colors not work plenty of times. And work plenty of times.

2011-04-02, 11:11pm
Excellent advice, Otter. I've had the same experience a few times myself.