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2007-08-31, 5:32am
Does anyone have any suggestions for a indoor setup(package deal?) for taking photos?
Even a direction to start looking - am I shooting in the breeze for something under $250.00?
I know what camera I want - now I need the indoor lighting setup.
I might add I have limited indoor space - table top size would be what I am looking for.

Any suggestions welcome:biggrin:

2007-08-31, 3:54pm
What I really should have asked is what are you using and would you buy it again?

2007-08-31, 4:41pm
I use my camera (Sony Cybershot), a tripod, one light and a piece of background paper. I do a little bit of editing in a photo software program (HP Photosmart). Most people use Photoshop, and I have that too. I just prefer Photosmart. That's it. Here's my latest picture. I know lots of people use tents and lots of lights, but this is what works for me. My pictures look more crisp without the tent, and I like using one light because I don't get shadows. I use one of those outdoor light lightbulbs from Home Depot. It's super easy and I'm happy with the pictures. Other than the camera and the software, it didn't cost much at all.


2007-08-31, 5:02pm
Like Lenora, I use a single bulb (fluorescent daylight K6500, 26w), background paper and a tripod. My photo area is near a window so I also use a tent (black) to block light from the window. My camera is a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H2. At risk of being laughed off the forum, I'll show a pic of my "photo studio" :lol:


I have limited space, so a folded card table over the bathtub becomes my "photo studio". The tent is an old broken tripod with a black sheet. Sometimes I use a second hand-held bulb to add light from the front. :hide:

2007-08-31, 5:31pm
:biggrin:Lenora and Judi you are just what I was needing - and Lenora I am looking at a Sony Cybershot. I have great software - need new camera and tripod.
Thanks for sharing your info and setup shots. I think you are both very clever!!!!!!\\:D/
I will do some online shopping after my dog walk!
Thanks again:biggrin:

And your pictures look awesome!

2007-08-31, 5:32pm
Ha! Love the ghetto light set ups! Great pictures though! I just bought an Impact light tent with 2 studio lights for about 135.00 from Good quality and I use the daylight flourescents as well.

2007-08-31, 8:54pm
Thanks again Lenora and Judi. I will pm when I have my new setup.
Nothing ghetto about your lighting setup - great improvising.
Off for a tripod to go with my updated camera.

2007-09-01, 8:18am
Good luck Charlotte. Judi and I have the exact same camera! If you get that one you can pm me and I can tell you what settings I use. It was pretty frustrating for me at first figuring out what to use. But now it's super easy.

Judi, your setup works great! Other than the black tent to block the light (very clever), it looks pretty much just like mine! And your picture looks great.

2007-09-01, 8:58am
Thanks for the kind comments about my "photo studio" guys. I tried several approaches from light boxes to outdoors in direct sun, and this worked the best for me. I liked the pictures from outside, but I need to be able to take photos when I have the time, not when the sun in is the right spot. :roll: I tried a white tent first, but that put a lot of reflected glare on the beads.

And I'm with Lenora on the camera - love it, but it was really frustrating at first. I'll also be glad to help with camera settings if you need it.

2007-09-10, 2:20pm
Judi, I think your photos are great. How did you get the grey background to fade?

2007-09-10, 2:36pm
Thank you! I'm using a gradient black to light gray background. You can buy them, but I made my own using Photoshop Elements and printed on photo stock using a photo-quality ink jet printer. You can also upload the file to a photo center and and have it printed as an 8x10 or larger.

2007-09-10, 2:59pm
Take a look at this thread:

Show me your photo setup! (

The tripod is unquestionably key. I fooled around for a long time with a tabletop tripod before I finally got a full-size one. It's better. It's just a whole lot less trouble. I still use the timer feature on the camera to minimize shutter shake, too.

For what it's worth -- which is practically nothing, since I almost never post a picture -- I have one of the extreme cheapo fabric light cubes off eBay, with fluorescent daylight bulbs in Home Depot shop light reflectors. The biggest problem is finding something to clamp the shop lights to -- haven't solved that to my satisfaction yet.

A lot of people use the light tents/light cubes in one form or another, but some people with excellent pictures don't. Look at Scott Tanner's set up in the linked thread. OK, he's a professional, so he knows exactly what he's doing, but before you spend money for a tent maybe you should try an approximation of his set up and see if you like the effects you get. Kevan also takes beautiful photos and doesn't use a tent. Some people feel that the tents diffuse the light too much and deaden the effect of the glass. Other people obviously disagree.

2007-09-10, 3:00pm

I just saw this post - don't know if you are still putting yours together or not. Here is mine - bought PVC pipes and connectors from Home Depot (got the PVC pipe cutter too for $10).



2007-09-10, 6:17pm
Hayley, that's like the set up I have. What do you use for the background? Is it white? What do you use as a diffuser? Thanks for this thread.

2007-09-10, 6:28pm
I just use a piece of white bristol - change it when it gets dirty. I should look into printing some gradient background . . .

I have a lot of translucent vellum around (graphic designer by day!) . . . so I just put those up. Works pretty well (you can see the pix if you click on my links - the jewelry is taken with a piece of stone/granite background)

Let me know if you want some of the vellum - I can mail you a few sheets.

2007-09-10, 7:51pm
I would love a few sheets to try it out. If I like it can it be purchased at a local store?

2007-09-11, 9:14pm
Any art store would carry it. PM me your address and I will send you a few sheets.