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2008-02-22, 8:29pm
I figured out that my BBQ mashers seem to be making my hand pain worse. I might just need some that are easier to squeeze and would love to have links to some that might be easier on my hand. I've also looked at Cattwalk's Tabulator but I do like to eyeball what I'm squeezing. Are there other possibilities for replacing the BBQ mashers?

Thanks for any links or comments.

2008-02-22, 8:36pm
perhaps a brass block on a shelf at eye level and a brass paddle to squish down? a friend made me a brass squishy thing with two posts to flatten glass. I don't care for it because I can't see the glass either. was thinking what I needed was a shelf up high enough so I could watch. perhaps the same will work for you?


2008-02-22, 8:50pm
I was going to suggest something similar - maybe a platform at eye level with the Tabulator on it? (I'd love one of those myself!)

2008-02-22, 9:14pm
Yep maybe that... or coonvalley masher thing... defiantly prop up.

How are you with mini mashers?
Or simply a different handle on masher tongs...

someone has the ones that are on pliers too. I have no idea where i just saw those... Ill look

2008-02-22, 9:21pm
The coonvalley masher works great. It comes with different sized spacers, but I never use them. I find it just as easy to judge the thickness as I am lowering the top half.

2008-02-22, 9:48pm
Is it the size f the grip or the force that is bothering your hands?
I assume you have there

i don't know if these might be eaiser? from arrow springs?

or these mini's If they are not too small for what you want to do...

Generations has a spring type bbq masher. Its the same size as regular mashers.

LBS has these, a slimmer profile could be a solution.

these also have a slim profile, sorry image won't follow me...

OK thats all I could find for now.... :love:

what about a clear boro punty flattened enough to make a big flat punty press? it would have no parallel control, BUT would allow you to see what you were doing under it. I am not sure if it would stick or not?? I don't have any experience in boro. But with one press or two I cant see it being a big problem unless your glass was drippy hot....

Or simply using a brass stump shaper or graphite paddle on a raised surface in the mean time...

2008-02-22, 11:11pm
I love the Cattwalk Tabulator. I ditched my BBQ mashers for this. It's a bigass hunk o'brass, but it's adjustable to three sizes, and you can also forget the spacers that come with and do your own thing.

P.S. The beauty of this beastie is that the tabs come out EVEN on all sides.

2008-02-23, 8:04am
Didn't know about the Coonvalley Masher, I'll definitely check them out.

Yes, this is what I have and it is the force of closing it that is making my hand hurt. I'm having trouble with gripping lots of things from the mouse to mashers. I didn't know Arrow Springs had the plier mashers in the larger size, I'll check them out. I have their small ones and like them a lot.

Is it the size f the grip or the force that is bothering your hands?
I assume you have there

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions and links!

2008-02-23, 11:01am
Didn't know about the Coonvalley Masher, I'll definitely check them out.

Scroll down to the third press, "The Masher"


xiola blue
2008-02-23, 11:07am
I LOVE my Coonvalley masher, for the very same reason...terrible searing pains in my right hand every now and then, especially when I am using heavy glass tools like mashers.
This tool is a joy to use! Now, for something to help me twist stringer into glass to make cosmic swirl designs...ouch!

By the way, the bead will be flat on both sides, but a little gentle shaping will make it look like you used a crunch press, in case your crunch press isn't big enough for the bead you just made. And you can use it to press a lollipop of glass too. xiola

2008-02-23, 12:00pm

My mashers are just like these only mine don't have the spring for some reason. :?:
I bet the spring would be nice to keep the mashers open. I have to manually open mine every time I want to use them which can be annoying to do one handed because you have a hot bead in the other hand.

Aaaaany way they are easy enough to squeeze, (I don't know if the spring would make this more difficult than mine or not) the thing I have a little bit of trouble with is how wide the handle opens. I make larger beads and in order to squish them I have to have the mashers all the way open which makes it somewhat difficult for me to get a comfortable grip because my hand is stretched about as far as it can go and my hands are about average size, not small. It doesn't make it impossible to use or isn't really even a significant problem I just thought I'd let you know in case it might be an issue for you to think about.

2008-02-23, 8:44pm
Arrow springs has a graphite masher on this page: It's called the Dinah Masher and it's about halfway down the page I think.


2008-02-23, 11:27pm
I find the spring BBQ mashers much easier to use than the others. Would definitely recommend it. Wale has just come up with another "true parallel" masher with changeable graphite plates:

It is worth taking a look at.


2008-02-24, 8:29am
Bubby, thanks for the info on the pliers!

And, Malcolm, what a great assortment of tools! I don't know why I'd never been there before but I know I'm in trouble now!

Xiola, Wendy and Ruth thanks for your links as well!

2008-02-24, 9:47am

I have a pair of these as well, but I don't use them. If I remember correctly, they don't close all the way. Are yours like that Bubby?? They don't close enough for them to be of use to me.

2008-02-24, 9:51am
Here's what I use now. It works great. I just don't know where to get one. I think it's called a deluxe bead masher. I think I paid $40.


2008-02-24, 11:42am
Here maybe?