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Troll Lover 2009-03-26 2:28pm

Finished! Making Silver Glass Sing!
YAY! With a big thanks to Carolien for the pictures and first steps in layout and Miriam who helped me finish it, I now offer my first E-tutorial "Making Silver Glass Sing"!

Available on:

Oh and if anyone can tell me how I can list multiple items in one listing on Artfire, I would be very thankful :D.

I hope people who purchase is, will be happy with it. I'm very excited about it :D!

Any questions? Just ask :D!

tracidawn78 2009-03-26 2:45pm

I just bought it, and can't wait to get it!

Aubs 2009-03-26 2:45pm

I just bought mine! I'm so excited to read it!

gubnavnania 2009-03-26 2:51pm

You need to list them 1 by 1 atm. No multiple items feature yet :(

Hayley 2009-03-26 3:07pm

Congrats on finishing it, Anouk!

btw, you have the file size at 2.1mb on artfire and 3.8mb on etsy . . . which one is correct? I want to add your tute to the reference list!

Troll Lover 2009-03-26 3:14pm

The 3,8 MB is correct, I will adjust it on Artfire (don't know where the 2,1 came from, a dull moment I guess). Thanks everyone :)!

Troll Lover 2009-03-26 3:20pm

Okay, everyone got a pm who wanted one and I send out all the tutorials which were purchased. Thank you all so much! I would appreciate it very much if someone could let me know if it arrived safe & sound :). I'm off to bed soon, so all the purchased tutorials from this moment will be send first thing tomorrow morning!

HubCityFlame 2009-03-26 3:40pm

Did I make it in time? Please please please. : )

Cathie 2009-03-26 3:43pm

Thanks so much I can't wait :)

Troll Lover 2009-03-26 4:04pm

Yes, I even decided to stay up a little while to send it out asap :). Did you get it Amelia?

kitkat 2009-03-26 4:17pm

Anouk: I just purchased too...hope your still up!!!!!!! Would love to do some midnight My cuss and fuss jar is now empty!

Purr-Sonalities Glass Art

Silver Moon Lampwork 2009-03-26 4:20pm

Got mine. Thanks Anouk! I think this will make a nice addition to my tutorial collection.

Troll Lover 2009-03-26 4:26pm

Yep, still up, trying my best to send everything asap :D.

MerryFool 2009-03-26 4:45pm

That's fabulous, Anouk! Congrats on completing your beautiful tut!

madelyn1 2009-03-26 4:46pm

Anouk -- hope you are still up; just completed my Etsy purchase of your long awaited tutorial. Can't wait to get it!


Troll Lover 2009-03-26 4:50pm

Still up, way to excited to sleep anyway :D. And thanks Mary :)!

madelyn1 2009-03-26 4:54pm

Wow! You are still up and I just received my download - printing it out now. Gold stars for your fast response and thanks for staying up!!! I can read up tonight and do some practicing with silver glass tomorrow!

Thanks for sharing, Anouk!

funky gems 2009-03-26 5:01pm

Woo-Hoo!!!! Just ordered mine!!!!

funky gems 2009-03-26 5:03pm

wow!!!!! rocket speed!!! just saw mine show up in my inbox..... guess i know what i am doing tonight!!! YES!!!!!!!!

Troll Lover 2009-03-26 5:27pm

Okay, I guess now it's time to go to bed *yawn*. It's now 01:28 here... Good night and if there will be any more purchased tutorials, sorry they will be shipped asap after a good night sleep!

Megan 2009-03-26 6:27pm

Just ordered mine.. Yay!

Celtic Echo Designs 2009-03-26 7:03pm

Wow!!! Best news I've had all week!!!

Thanks Anouk!

Bead_lover 2009-03-26 8:08pm

Ordered mine - but it's OK if I don't get it yet, I'm almost to bed myself and am working my 24 hr shift tomorrow, so won't be able to play until Saturday. Can hardly wait.
Thanks Anouk.

tracidawn78 2009-03-26 8:41pm

I got mine immediately after I ordered. I was in the car on the way home from work looking at it on my iphone at stop lights cause I was so excited. I've got some crunchies in the kiln right now that I'm really excited about.

theglasszone 2009-03-26 10:16pm

Oh, Girl!!! I'm so happy for you.....and us! It looks like you're really rocking and rolling on Etsy! I've ordered mine...take your time sending it - I will savor it when it arrives!

Hugs to you (woo hoo!!!),

Troll Lover 2009-03-26 11:47pm

That's great Traci, can't wait to see them! Thanks everyone :love:! Got up early, my mailbox was exploding LOL so back to work now, sending these babies :D.

Cathie 2009-03-27 3:08am

Thanks got mine :) can't wait to torch today

Carmen Isaacs 2009-03-27 5:07am

Great tutorial, worth the wait.

Margrieten 2009-03-27 5:31am

Hi Anouk,

I am so happy with the tutorial and for you that so many people buy it. I hope they will show all their beads made with this tutorial!



theglasszone 2009-03-27 8:52am


Got mine this a.m.; wonderful morning reading with that first cup of coffee! I just love what you've given us here...everything looks fabulous and I'm so very proud of you! Warmest hugs and well wishes for amazing success!!!!


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