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Magma 2011-05-23 4:03pm

PETAL BEAD TUTORIAL and Variations by Magma Beads
Hello everyone,

This tutorial is a guide that will take you through all the steps necessary in order to achieve a beautiful petal bead with great depth.

This in not an implosion method.

I have been making these beads for quite some time now, I just kept trying different techniques and experimenting until I finally got it. Now i am ready to share this with everyone as i believe that this technique is the easiest in order to achieve this effect.
Once you know this method you will be able to make many different variations.

This tutorial includes:

- 84 Large detailed Pictures
- 35 Pages
- Step by step instructions
- Variations of the technique
- Lifetime support :)


Thank you all for looking

Ekkie 2011-05-23 5:01pm

Good luck with the tutorial sales Regis. I love the depth you achieve in your petal beads.

Ekkie 2011-05-23 8:50pm

This is a great tutorial and I highly recommend it. It is a combination of the methods I have used in the past but I have never been able to achieve the depth that I wanted. Regis explains exactly how to do this with great photos and illustrations and very clear instructions.
Now I just have to try to make them smaller... not the great big honkers I end up with!!!
Thanks Regis.

Magma 2011-05-24 3:20pm

Thank you so much Jenn, i'm really pleased this tutorial has helped you :)

Magma 2011-05-25 1:55am

I have been asked by a few people if this was an implosion method, just want to clarify that it is not an implosion technique :)

beybey 2011-05-25 8:04am

Thank you, Regis. I can't wait to receive my tutorial. This is exciting.

Carmen Isaacs 2011-05-25 8:53am

Wonderful tutorial, simple and very clearly explained.

Carols Glass 2011-05-25 9:04am

This is great, I can't wait!

I hope it doesn't take 10 hours, lol.

Carols Glass 2011-05-25 4:35pm

See, I was patient for once!

This is a great tutorial, I am so excited to try this Friday when there are no threatening storms in this part of America!

Carols Glass 2011-05-27 2:21pm

Just put my first petal bead into the kiln, it's about an inch or bigger in size.

Now, I will try to make smaller ones.

It sure was fun and the directions are great, I can't believe I did it!

Magma 2011-05-27 3:48pm

Hi Carol

I'm really glad you like the tutorial, i'd love to see your results when you get a chance :)

scaredycat 2011-05-27 11:47pm

Just bought it. Been trying to make these for the last few weeks and have been failing dismally! Hope this will sort me out :)

Carols Glass 2011-05-29 5:08pm

my first petal bead
1 Attachment(s)
it isn't perfect, by far, but it is truly the best one I have ever made, my DH and son thought it was cool :-).

Magma 2011-05-30 2:25am

Woohoo Carol !!! it looks fantastic :) thank you so much for posting your work, i'd love to see more :)


Carols Glass 2011-05-30 8:34am

Thanks, Regis, as you can see I used Moretti black and it bled dark purple. I was hoping it would be a pretty purple though.

I didn't think it would turn out so good on my first try or I would have used my better glass. Thank you for the tutorial. I have tried to make these for years and usually give up after a few failures.

I can see where these could get very addictive because they are so much fun to make!

Magma 2011-05-31 2:59pm

Yes they are very fun to make aren't they? especially once you get confortable with the technique you'll never stop :) I can't wait to see more.

Carols Glass 2011-05-31 3:13pm

Regis, I have some of the ones I made yesterday, also no where near perfect, in the Customer Service section and it is titled Where can I find good Rubino, lol.

I was trying to make watermelon beads in case it is hard to tell :-).

Jane P 2011-06-10 3:39pm

Just ordered mine - after many failed attempts I gave up trying to figure it out myself - lol.

Magma 2011-06-10 4:01pm

Hi Jane, you should have the file now :) thank you.

I would love to see your results if you don't mind posting them.

Jane P 2011-06-10 5:29pm

Thanks Regis - I hope to be at the torch next week, so will take a crack at it then. I have just read the tutorial, and it is great - I see now where I was going wrong. Thanks for doing such a great job of the instructions.

flaming_fools 2011-06-17 3:41pm

First bead made using this tut - Do not have a marble mold, and am finding the beads for me to be coming out longer, instead of round. Also think I want to do fewer rows of petals with more clear inbetween to give more seperation.

Great instructions, photos, etc. Very professionally put together.

Magma 2011-06-18 8:09pm

Fantastic first bead guys !! i love the colour combo you used, glad you like the tutorial. I've sent you a PM :)

sangell 2011-06-23 7:55am

Does this work with Boro?

Magma 2011-06-23 2:44pm

Hi Sue, i don't see why it wouldn't work with boro, i have had a few people purchase this who are boro users, so i've sent them an email and i'll let you know how they went asap :)

flaming_fools 2011-06-24 2:06pm

Getting better at these! Getting them rounder. Started this one with a center of green transparent glass.


Magma 2011-06-24 3:31pm

YAY !! it looks fantastic, i love the orange copper you used, really nice ! Thanks a lot for posting your pictures :)

sangell 2011-07-02 6:24pm

Any luck with Boro?
A couple of folks said they were going to try this with Boro. Any update?????


Magma 2011-07-04 4:21am

I've got hold of some Boro and yes, the technique does work with boro as well :)

Magma 2011-07-20 1:54am

Has anyone got any more pictures to share? :)

killerbeedz1 2011-07-20 7:24am

Awesome tutorial! I highly recommend it!


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