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Rose Leslie 2005-10-07 3:22pm

Swirls that are incased?
Any one know how todo these. I have seen them with the really pretty swirls that are incased. They look like the shells that are in spirals. Help. I'm trying to do these but really am wasting glass doing this.

Rebekah 2005-10-07 3:32pm

Heh? Got a pic?


2catsdesigns 2005-10-07 3:32pm

Hi Rose,

I'm not 100% sure if this is what you're asking about.. but it sounds like encased stringer. Here's a photo:

The 'rose' is encased stringer. All you have to do is encase an opaque with a transparent and pull into stringer. For this rose, I just grabbed a rod of opaque dark pink and wound transparent rubino oro over the last inch or so of the rod, melted the two colours carefully, and then pulled it into stringer and applied the rose and left the design raised. You can of course melt the rose in or encase it as in an encased floral... but the actual process of creating the encased stringer is the same. I hope this is what you were asking about and that my directions are clear enough. Corina mentions this technique in Passing the Flame too, so if you have her book, you should be able to find it under 'Cane'.

Sue :)

Rose Leslie 2005-10-07 5:55pm

I will have to find a bead in a book and let you all know what it looks like. I know that you use the soft glass for a base. Then take clear and wind it around the soft. Keep winding until you have to or three layers. Then either melt it in or incase it in. I have seensome of them done with blue with other colors on them, Then the swirls are the clear with clear incaseing. Still help!

Kikki 2005-10-09 6:26am

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Is this what you are talking about? (see picture)

If it is, this is the way to make them:
Make small barrel in a soft glass, these are made with light ivory. I buy the ready made stringers that I use for this.
Wind a spiral all along the barrel with a clear thin stringer. Don't let the stringer touch the previous row.
Melt in the clear.
Encase in more clear.

Pat 2005-10-09 9:24am

Try looking here for the encased twisty bead

Rose Leslie 2005-10-09 12:15pm

Yes that is it. Also have seen some with the colors. That is to cool for words. I'm trying some this morning. If it is in the ivory then can you put other colors on top of it? That is what I'm trying this morning. Thanks.

Beadbug 2005-10-13 7:13pm

Thanks Rose for asking the question and thanks so much Pat for the answer. I to have been looking for how to do this but did not know what to call it. I just love these threads.


Kerry S. Caron 2005-12-28 7:21pm

Thanks Pat I am headed off to my workshop right now to try that.
I am new to this forum and I cannot believe all the information, I just hope someday I will be able to share something with all of you. smiles Kerry

Cherine Perrin 2005-12-29 4:15am

Thanks for that Pat! I am so excited to try this technique! :wave:


MistyCherie 2005-12-29 9:07pm

This technique is pretty much the base for making beads like Margaret Zinser's twisty beads. She has a tutorial on her website:

Maybe that will help a little too.


fatdogdesigns 2006-01-04 9:05pm

These beads are what Corina calls "screw you" beads. You can pretty much use any soft color like ivory or white for a pronounced effect. I also pull and use thick clear stringer rather than the whole rod.

evenia 2006-01-05 7:44am

All of those I have made have cracked. No clue why. Don't have problems with other beads. Mayber it was the white and the Lausha combo didn't like each other. I made a whole set and all of them either cracked in the kiln or while I was cleaning them.

Rose Leslie 2006-01-05 10:18pm

Thanks for the information. I have tried this and it worked. Thanks, Now I can have fun with that. Color is also going to be fun with it.

firepower 2018-10-29 7:35pm

Thanks for the great info. Looks cool

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