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mikefrantz 2019-04-24 7:44pm

Joy, Jed, Alexx and Corina at the BASH
The Frantz Bash will be held on Saturday August 10th, 2019 in Shelton Washington,

Glass working demo's on Saturday by:

Joy Munshower
Jed Haney
Alexx Cheng
Corina Tettinger

There will be special in store pricing for those who attend.
Great sales at our website the week of the BASH.

Mike Frantz

rainygrrl 2019-04-25 8:23am

Great lineup!! Wish I could join you but itís nit in the cards for me this year.

mikefrantz 2019-06-05 10:51pm

The guest count is now 98 and growing for Bash guests. We will have two torch stations and at least 8 demos on Saturday, August 10th. And on Friday we will have open torch and sale prices will be going on. Looks like Pizza for lunch. A get together to remember. Go to our website and click on BASH.


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