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HannahRachel 2020-10-02 5:20pm

Soda Lime Times October Issue
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Hi folks! I promised Diane I'd help to promote Soda Lime Times a bit...

The October 2020 issue of Soda Lime Times has been released and its stuffed full of wonderful tutorials and articles. Just take a look at these teaser cover shots.

Diane writes:
The issue features Angela Meier, a fantastic artist from Switzerland who has appeared in SLT before, and whose work also appears in the new Beads of Courage collection. For our October issue she did a tutorial for an adorable polar bear taking a ride on an ice flow.

Also in the October issue we have tutorials by Summer Jean, Lori Peterson, and Karen Colaneri, plus an article by Anna Miller on some wonderful beadable products from Karen Thomas Designs, and an update on the 1000 bead challenge for Beads of Courage.

It's a fun issue, and just what you need to get your mind off the craziness of the world. If you are a subscriber, its ready to download from our website. If you aren't, you can get it simply by becoming a subscriber at There aren't many things in the lampwork world you can buy for $5.95, but Soda Lime Times is one of them.

KJohn 2020-10-02 7:24pm

Great promotion! Reminds me to go check for my issue. Thanks

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