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sunray 2010-10-26 7:54pm

Deppe and Jred Classes any Interest
Wondering if anyone on here is interested in a class from
either of these 2 artists
Classes for November Scott Deppe and Jarred Betty
If there is enough interest they would be in Washington
at Trev's Glass Shop
North of Seattle

Cosmo 2010-10-27 7:13am

If it weren't all the way across the country, I'd be interested. May still be depending on price, date, etc...

HWCGlass 2010-10-27 9:49am

^^^ same same

cheng076 2010-10-30 11:17am

I tried several times to contact Deppe abut classes but never received a reply. I would be interested depending on cost, date, etc.

glassshack 2010-10-30 11:59am

Only if Deppe would bring some of the NS Deppe's Darkness!! >8P ... most beautiful color in the world!!! 8) I would love to take a class from either, both very talented.

murf 2010-10-30 1:47pm

Sounds cool
I would be Interested

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