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pswrd 2017-07-05 7:18am

How to make pointy leaf or petal by implosion
Been playing around with implosion for the first time. All the shapes turned out with rounded tips and cylindrical. If I wanted to make a flat sheet-like body with a pointy tip say like a holly leaf or a bamboo leaf, how do I begin after making a maria?

Three Muses Glass 2017-07-05 8:12am

You'll have to play around with some of your tools to get the look you want. Drag the dot or line, poke it in places, crease with a razor.

Chocake 2017-07-05 8:16am

Mary Lockheart had a free tut on her web page that might help

artwhim 2017-07-06 10:13pm

I've made poinsettias with petals that have many points. After applying the line, melt enough to have it tacked well, go past that stage slightly, but not fully melted in. Use a really thin tungsten pick and poke. Each line will become a petal or leaf, so the deepest poke will be in the center of length of the line. Even minor changes, like depth of poke, angle of poke or whether you poke the edge or center (width) of the line. Hope this makes sense.

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