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arkilgour 2016-09-27 7:24am

Silver glass ... Reds?
Hi all,
I'm starting to become familiar with DH glass and love it... Especially some of the awesome pinks that can be achieved. My question is... Is there any silver glass (DH or other) that will produce reds under the 'right' conditions?

bepnewt 2016-09-27 7:33am

Some of Brad's StrikingGlass will go red when struck.

Check out this thread for examples of his glass:

It's around 150 pages long, though.

Here's an example of some of his glass he made into pen holders:

Double Helix Glassworks 2016-09-27 8:55am

Terranova2.1 (and our new glasses TK-645 and TK-655) can produce red tones, depending on how they are worked.

glass butterfly 2016-09-27 3:59pm

How should they be worked to get red tones?

J&M 2016-09-28 3:43pm

DH glass...
I got an orphan rod from Jed on my last order. Here's what I made with it:

We are guessing it's TK-655 that makes these wonderful colors. This is just TX-655 over white... that's all.

Regards, Jack

glass butterfly 2016-09-28 6:00pm

Wow! What great colors and what a beautiful bead! Lydia

asimeral 2016-09-28 6:48pm

Jack, that's amazing?

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asimeral 2016-09-28 6:48pm


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glass butterfly 2016-09-29 7:37pm

I made a small bead with Terra Nova 2.1 yesterday and it turned out mainly dark brown and not very pretty. How would I work it to get red tones? Lydia

Ravenesque 2016-09-30 2:09am

Personally I can't get red out of terranova 2.1 anymore, just dark blue. If it's dark brown you need to strike it more, or it is over striking in your kiln. You have to just figure which one or both. If it is brown before kiln, reduce it more. If it was colorful going in, but brown coming out, lower your kiln temp.

You can get red in other colors too, like elektra, think of when you use aqua type of colors and reduce a lot, you can pull the copper to the surface, which is red. Same with elektra since it is an aqua.

OP's question, I thought of "clio' sort of pinks since they said, 'awesome pinks'. Because that's something different than what we're talking about with tnt 2.1 and Jack's beautiful bead. If it is a transparent pink you are talking about, then not that I know of but I would love to know too!

Double Helix Glassworks 2016-09-30 5:19am

The reds in Terranova2.1 tend toward burgundy/maroon. That's the impetus behind the new TK-645 and TK-655, the ability for the glass to develop cleaner copper rubies/red tones without the silver strike dominating. Regarding the TK's, the best effects I have achieved were from thin layers/stripes of the color over a white base, and leaving bands of color "reset" (heated to transparent) before annealing. The most interesting effects and tonalities are located at the edge of the thermal differential (eg, reset in narrows bands, allowing the heat from one resetting affect the previous band)

I can't get my pic to upload, but there's pics of this effect under TK-645 and TK-655 on our site.

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