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Beatrix 2018-07-26 8:56am

How to stop green from streaking
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So I made a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and while I really like the green I used, I'm not so pleased with the streaking. Is there a way to stop that from happening? Work cooler or hotter or more/less oxygen? I'm using a minor torch.

yonil 2018-07-26 11:54am

I think some greens are just super streaky like that, and it might not be fixed with any technique. Maybe someone else knows of a green that is less streaky?

Quick edit to say the turtle looks great and has a fun expression!

5betsy 2018-07-26 12:38pm

Yup. Greens tend to spread and streak.

Coloraddictions site is all about color testing, I'd look there for ideas.

lotusbunny2009 2018-07-27 1:46pm

I have nothing to add about the green, but . . . .

Awesome TMNT!!!!

echeveria 2018-07-27 2:03pm

Most opaque greens are going to be at least a little bit streaky. I agree that coloraddiction is a pretty comprehensive review set on CIM greens, and Kandice always comments on how streaky they are, since she doesn't like it.

Beatrix 2018-07-28 12:52pm

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Hmmm looks like coloraddiction's best recommendation for a minimally streaky green is Iguana. I think some of that is handy, I'll see if it's too bright a green.

Also, thanks for all the compliments on Leo! I made a Mikey, but er, he's not certain about all this...

Speedslug 2018-07-30 5:35am

I just had a thought that maybe you could try re-mixing your green while it's on the end of the rod.

Make a sizable gather of it and fold it in on itself a dozen times and see if that will give you some consistency in the color.

If you try it, please let us know if it works.

echeveria 2018-07-30 7:25am

Speedslug, I don't think that will work for green. It is not the color variations streaking. It is how the viscosity of greens pulls the color toward and away from the heat. Working faster helps. Nothing helps petroleum green or pea green, lol. They gonna streak.

Beatrix 2018-07-30 7:33am

Speedslug, I kinda did something like that when I tried getting it really hot and wrapping it around a bunch of times. It ended up making a bunch of smaller streaks. >_<

Echeveria, funny enough the only thing I've found to avoid streaking in Pea Green was to blob it onto a cab mandrel and stamp it. Perfect color every time! Totally useless for what I want! ;)

echeveria 2018-07-30 7:51am

Maybe that fast cool on the outside of the cab helped homogenize the color again! I think I have a pressed lentil in pea green from Claudia's class. I'll have to inspect it. The streakiness is what I love about greens though!

KJohn 2018-07-31 7:58pm

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I find grasshopper to be a relatively consistent green. I don't' know if it is too light for your use, but I like to use it for focals.

Edited to say: I look again and I do see some little streaks too, I suppose it is not perfect either. What about enamels?

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CindyColligan 2018-08-02 6:22pm

I think the streaking looks good on a turtle. He is adorable!

Speedslug 2018-08-02 6:58pm

I wonder if cooling the surface of the green would cause it to solidify the color quickly like stamping it to a cab does?

I keep a 8 inch metal tube about the size of a drinking straw for blowing on beads.

My first attempts at cooling a bead by blowing on it got that smoking hot bead entirely too close to my 'pucker upper' and I decided that that was one type of glass burn I was not ever going to have to explain to any of my glass melting friends.

That event was much too close to a classic "hold my beer and watch this" award.

Beatrix 2018-08-02 9:08pm

No kissing beads, Phil! Good idea with using a straw, that would really focus the air to where it's needed...(thinking of all the stringers I've made lately where the wrong spot cooled when I blew on it)

I have some experimenting to do it seems.

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