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Ravenesque 2017-10-11 10:44pm

Ha crap, Lampworking "Rod" from OCR
Well, I did it, I flubbed and bought 2 rods from OCR :lol:

I got excited with the newsletter and 2 new colors, one looks like an orange raku...I mean come on!
Anyway, it was priced per pound so I bought one of each. Then I got a call that it was a mistake and was sold per kilo, I said oh, I want a full of each then.

I looked and the invoice was cheaper for some reason, went to the site and I see it now says 55.00 a ROD :doubt: , feel free to hound them to pull it into CANE for us!

one hot beader 2017-10-12 12:29am

What COE?

Ravenesque 2017-10-12 1:57am

96, i had to email them and ask

SGA 2017-10-12 3:58am

NOTE: Iron Maiden and Blue Oyster Cult are *not* OCR colors. OCR is a distributor for the studio SunSpots which produced the color.

Ravenesque, I'm sure you knew that. But for others, I was just tossing it out there. :)

(Fwiw I've heard that Raku has become a tad less vibrant in recent years. But pulling cane down from rod, the color is much more rich)

Ravenesque 2017-10-12 2:04pm

I was able to cancel in time! I had gotten a ship email and thought i was doomed.

yes, I did know it's a new supplier, do you know how to find them? I tried so i could :poke: about pulling into cane but found nothing.

Yes raku has changed a lot. I was curious about how people that could get color before are fairing, been meaning to do a thread.

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