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sislonski 2008-10-08 1:00am

Wakie Wakie! Read all about it! It's done!
I've had so many people after me about my tutorials and I apologize for taking so long. I've just been so overwhelmed by life lately with a huge list of to do's. But finally. . . . .I thank you all for your patence!

I've been up all night putting the finishing touches to my tutorial. Available for purchase now on my blog for $18.00 Just click on the link below and then the "Buy Now" Paypal button if you're interested.

It's my first E-Zine (magazine) tutorial with more to come. It's just life has been so busy for me lately so it's been slow in coming. So I hope you like what I've done.

Click here to purchase:

Troll Lover 2008-10-08 1:42am

Yeah, first! Can't wait to see it!

tradesbears 2008-10-08 4:35am

just ordered mine can't wait to see it.


sislonski 2008-10-08 7:39am

Hope you girls liked it! Can't wait to see your beads.

Elleth 2008-10-08 7:50am

Do you have a picture of the bead covered in this tutorial?
Thank! :)

jewelrybypatty 2008-10-08 8:00am

I just ordered mine!

sislonski 2008-10-08 9:04am

5 Attachment(s)
Thank you for the overwhelming response!

Sorry here is the bead covered in the tutorial. It's from a set I did a while back, but it's more a technique that can be used in any bead you do. I use it in a lot of different styles of beads.

I'll post a pic of the bead alone and then the set and then how I've used the technique in other beads.

It's actually two tutorials on two different technique that are similar. The Rainbow Scale technique and the Rain Drop technique.

Beadbug 2008-10-08 9:07am

A few questions if you dont' mind... BTW, I love these tuts to purchase.

Is this soft glass?
Do you have a few more photos of these beads?
Does it take any special tools or glass?

Sorry for so many questions but I have purchased a few tuts that I will never be able to do because they need either expensive tools or glass that I will need to get. (trust me I don't mind purchasing more glass who doesn't want an excuse to do this :)

Elleth 2008-10-08 9:13am

Beautiful...Thank you!
I ordered and already received the tut!
I'm headed out to the studio now to play....

ginkgoglass 2008-10-08 9:27am

Very cool. I'm wondering if this technique may be transferred into boro, as I am soft glass challenged . . .

sislonski 2008-10-08 9:44am

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Lana: I've never worked with boro before but I can't see why you couldn't use the same technique with boro. I'm sure it's probably already been doing or being done.

Tracey: This is a tutorial using soft glass, mainly reactive glass. I use Double Helix glass but you can use any reactive glass and as far as that goes the technique can also be used with non reactive glass for a different look but obviously without the reactive colors.

No special tools, you can use a press or not use a press, your beas can be shaped by hand. I'll attach a photo of the technique without using a press. In the tutorial I do use a press though.
Other than that, no special tools but any reactive glass. For the rainbow effect though I use terra or Raku or Luna2.

swamper 2008-10-08 9:52am

Yery nice tutorial - thanks so much for sharing and the time you took to make the tut. Can't wait to get home and try it.

LeahBeads 2008-10-08 9:56am

Gorgeous beads! I was one of the ones who PM'd you about doing a tutorial and I'm so excited to see that you have done one! I bought my just a few minutes ago.

Thanks so much for sharing your technique! I can't wait to try it!


Beadbug 2008-10-08 2:28pm

Sounds great now I got to have it! Thanks for answering the questions.

DaBatt 2008-10-08 2:37pm

I got mine yesterday evening (well it was here!) - & I just have to say that it is the most clear concise & easy to follow tutorial ever!
I love the fact that I can see more than one step without having to scroll past a picture.
Fabulous, easy to follow, well written instructions & great photo's.

Well done Shari & Thank you :)
I cant wait to hit the torch tomorrow!!

Curly Irish Girl 2008-10-08 3:00pm

Ordered mine a couple of hours ago......waiting with GREAT enthusiasm! It's like Christmas Eve!

Roseanne 2008-10-08 3:03pm

Your beads are gorgeous Shari!!

WildatHeart 2008-10-08 3:59pm

I ordered and am anxious to get the tutorial and try it. Your beads always elicit wows and ahhs, Shari! :-)

You might want to post in the "Tutorials To Purchase" section also.


lenora 2008-10-08 4:10pm

Well, here's a peek at a bead I made today using this tutorial. It's not a great picture, but I made a bunch of them. I'll update with a better picture when I get some spacers made. I didn't do the spots, but this is something I was kind of working on so I did the lines.

sislonski 2008-10-08 5:26pm

I love it Lenora! I bet the whole set looks amazing!

lenora 2008-10-08 6:07pm

Thanks Shari! I have to say I think your beads are amazing!! I've been a big fan for a long time!

rkoza 2008-10-09 3:58am

Awesome tut Shari!!! I can't wait to get to the torch to try your wonderful technique. Thanks so much!! :grin:

Curly Irish Girl 2008-10-09 10:49am

I just spent the morning at the torch with the's so easy to follow! Results looked amazing going into the kiln.....we'll see when they come out and if they break as I had to admire them for a LONG time......

sislonski 2008-10-09 2:35pm


Originally Posted by Curly Irish Girl (Post 2122063)
I just spent the morning at the torch with the's so easy to follow! Results looked amazing going into the kiln.....we'll see when they come out and if they break as I had to admire them for a LONG time......

Thank you Lynn, I'm so glad you enjoyed it, I can't wait to see what you've created! Sounds exciting!

madelyn1 2008-10-09 8:16pm

Hi, Shari! I just downloaded your tutorial for your gorgeous rainbow scales bead and I'm printing a copy - it looks great. Can't wait til the weekend to give it a try.

Thanks for sharing and thanks for your quick response for the download!


sislonski 2008-10-09 9:49pm

Your welcome Shirley Enjoy!

playswithfire104 2008-10-10 3:08pm

Payday I just ordered the tut!

fyrebeadz* 2008-10-11 2:58pm

Awesome tut Shari, thanks for making it! Now if I ever have time to go and play...

sislonski 2008-10-12 11:56pm

Your welcome Donna, I hope you find some time to play.

Also thank you to everyone who's purchased the tutorial so far. Your kind words and your excitement and support means a lot to me.


mystykbead 2008-10-13 7:00pm

I ordered mine a couple hours ago and am so excited to get it, I know I will be on the torch for hours after I get it, which will mean my house work won't get done but I will have beauties hopefully.

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