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KG Richard 2014-10-21 5:13pm

EK Miller Kiln help needed
Hi all! I need some help. I have a EK Miller kiln. Have loved it for years. It lost its program. I called Parlow and a tech walked me through reprogramming. Now it goes through all the segments but it will not shut off. It ramps down perfectly but when it hits the lowest programmed temp, it goes back up to 950 and stays there. Parlow guy was lost!
Do I need a relay? Do I need a new Parlow thing cuz it's not an option to get rid of the kiln. I bought a fiber one to replace it. Have had it six months and do not like it at all (Fishbone). Thanks for your help in advance!

GLASSFREEK 2014-10-21 7:30pm

the partlow 1166 will do that after some years of use, sorry but its done :).
We replace alot of them off the EK'S with a fuji.


taino 2014-10-22 7:34am

Kiln controller
You can buy a Fuji PXR3 controller on Ebay today for $130.00 including shipping. You can also check for one periodically and maybe find one cheaper.
I did, more than once. Just check the model number to make sure it will do what you need.

KG Richard 2014-10-22 5:23pm

Is it difficult to replace? Does the window fit in the space where the partlow is? Do I need any other number other than PXR3? Thanks for your help!

GLASSFREEK 2014-10-22 8:19pm

you will want the pxr3-ray1-4voa1, no it wont fit in the hole but a little piece of tin cut out will fix that, you also want a t92s7a22-120 volt relay to go with it.


KG Richard 2014-10-27 5:19pm

Thanks Mike! I ordered the controller and relay today!

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