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chuckmyown 2015-08-07 3:36pm

when looking at a used torch
I'm going to look at a torch tomorrow (hopefully buying :smile: ) it is used, but apparently low hours. I've posted this in my "welcome" post:
but after thinking about it here might be a better place.

Just wondering what I should look out for. Thanks!


LemonwoodStudio 2015-08-07 4:10pm

(I haven't read the link you supplied)
Make sure there are no clogged ports!
Maybe ask if it has ever been serviced/cleaned?
Did the seller get it new or secondhand to give you an idea of how old it is - and who from (in case it might be a stolen one - it happens!).
If possible, ask to try it out before you pay over $$.

Speedslug 2015-08-07 4:32pm

I might suggest you have them light it for you and shut it off before you light it.

That way you can see if they crank the valves very hard when they shut it down.
The valves are made of brass and they don't need a whole honking lot of strength to close them. '
If the seller cranks them hard it can cause them to wear way too early but they can be repaired although I have no idea of the cost.

chuckmyown 2015-08-07 4:32pm

Thank you Amanda!

I will keep these things in mind when I go look at the torch tomorrow.


chuckmyown 2015-08-07 4:33pm

Thanks Phill I never would have thought about that.


mikefrantz 2015-08-08 2:39pm

A Wale of a deal
I just looked at the link of the Firebird torch by Wale. Works somewhat like a Minor Burner by Nortel, looks like a Bobcat from GTT.

New they were around $170, so if it looks good and works good, $100 is a fair price.

Given what I know about torches, I would rather spend $180 (or so) for a new Minor by Nortel than a used torch. But if the budget is a hundred bucks, go for it and again, good luck


chuckmyown 2015-08-08 9:52pm

Thanks Mike! $100 isn't the budget per se, but that price keeps the wife from killing me lol. I did pick it up. Still going to be a while before I start it up, need hoses, regulators, O2 and my ventilation. But it's moving along rather quickly. :smile:


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