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Mary K 2015-11-07 9:13pm

November Show and Tell
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Here are some very recent works.

KA 2015-11-08 6:27am

Very impressive!

Chocake 2015-11-08 8:06am

Love your turtles!

PaulaP 2015-11-08 9:18am

Mary you are so talented. Loving the little turtles.

Cosmo 2015-11-08 1:58pm

Mary K 2015-11-08 5:29pm

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Getting ready for my biggest show of the year. Working everyday.
So glad to see you back Chad!

jeepinwelch 2015-11-08 5:51pm


KA 2015-11-11 10:25am

I guess I am kind of obsessed with the butterfly over flower implosion motif. Maybe I'll get one I am satisfied with some day.

Mary K 2015-11-11 3:24pm


KA 2015-11-11 4:08pm


Originally Posted by Mary K (Post 4805002)

Thanks Mary. I have been trying to get them more positionally naturalistic. It is hard to keep the body from flattening out also.

Mary K 2015-11-11 5:41pm

Why not skip the flower, and concentrate on just a butterfly marble? I think it would be beautiful.

KA 2015-11-12 3:03am


Originally Posted by Mary K (Post 4805034)
Why not skip the flower, and concentrate on just a butterfly marble? I think it would be beautiful.

This is more challenging ](*,) (ړײ)

Mary K 2015-11-12 4:15pm

Love that!

PennyLane 2015-11-12 4:19pm

Awesome fuming, Bernhard. Did you use tubing?

Cosmo 2015-11-13 6:22am

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Sorry for my fingers in the shot. These hang just fine, but they don't like to lay flat.

Vicki Gough 2015-11-13 6:30am


Mary K 2015-11-13 7:22am

So pretty Chad, those are really nice.

missp_32 2015-11-13 10:00am

Everything is so nice!

Mary K 2015-11-13 10:20pm

For Miss P
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Here ya go, loki and carmel with china white stamen. I also
added green and black frit to the back.
Now show me yours!

missp_32 2015-11-14 6:16am

Thanks Mary, that helps a lot! My first "homework" assignment is in the kiln. I will bravely post it sometime this weekend (scary!)

Talonst 2015-11-14 7:08am

A couple fairly recent pieces.

KA 2015-11-14 7:24am


Originally Posted by Talonst (Post 4805634)
A couple fairly recent pieces.

Very nice reticello. Someting I have yet to master.

missp_32 2015-11-15 4:49pm

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OK, Mary. Here you go. I love the stamens on the first one, but got better colors on the second one. I'll keep at it. Thank you so much!!

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Mary K 2015-11-15 10:32pm

That's pretty good there Patti. See how you are getting a shadow of the petal underneath the petal? to avoid that make sure your design is all the way to the edge of the maria, and when you are heating it when everything is on and ready roll it like a tire alongside the flame with the flame directed slightly toward your maria. When it is starting to condense hold it behind the flame with the flame hitting the middle for a bit, you almost want to be burning your arm doing this, if it's not getting a little hot, you are not in the right spot but be careful, if your arm gets too hot that's overdoing it, I kind of alternate a bit, what you are doing is getting the middle hotter than the sides. Keep doing this untill it gets in ball shape, press once, almost as far out as you started with, but not quite. then repeat, it will go faster now as the piece is hotter, then press and your shadows should not be there. You are either not getting the design to the edge and trying to press it there, or you are pressing too soon or too much and not reheating enough. Once you get it, you will have it, you just need to learn to judge when to press and how much plus the angles of the flame on the maria make a huge difference. Hope this makes any sense to you. You are doing great. Please post your progress.

missp_32 2015-11-16 5:25am

Thanks Mary. I'll try that tonight. I usually run out of clear before I run out of petals regardless of where I place the petals. I can see logically how concentrating the heat on the center would help with that. I'm trying to only press once or twice and I watch very carefully while pressing to not smoosh the stamens but it doesn't always work out (as you can see LOL)

I'm probably overly paranoid about not fuming the glass so I'm running my torch so high on oxy that it's hissing. Unfortunately, that cools the flame dramatically. This is the main area where I think there's a difference between NG and Propane. I'm wondering if you run your torch with a hiss or not?

I've also been practicing with soft glass. I know the colors are completely different, but just to make sure I've got the technique down. It just goes much faster. I will persevere!

missp_32 2015-11-16 5:32am

Mary (or anyone else),

I'd like to start a FB marble hunt group in my town here. The name of our town is Loveland which is also called Heartland by the locals here. I've been trying to make a special marble to kick things off. I've been trying to do an implosion marble with a heart inside. I've tried drawing a heart with a stringer as well as placing a dot and dragging. Neither worked very well. Anyone have any suggestions for me? Thanks!

SteveR 2015-11-16 7:07am

Moving forward on technique--- after study of uTubes and pics on other sites.

Next i am going to try smaller dots for the stamens----and compress four times before placing pedal lines.

Different diameter canes make a big difference with pedal development through the process.

On this one I tooled between the pedals--- the pedals were from 2 mm stringer/canes- that is dented the clear beside pedal lines.

The cane was NS star white--- with one layer of opage NS yellow--- then covered with transparent yellow---.

Laying the pedal-- with the smallest flame I can get from the center lamp of my old Bethlehem PMD2 model A ( 40 year old torch)

I compress the first pedals four times--- then the second pedals three times--- then apply the green leaves and compress everything about three times.

I reposition the maria or invert my work to migrate glass rod-ward during the final stages to encourage the base of the floral to be positioned at the bottom of miria when it becomes an imploded marble.

I seem to be making progress and free flowing pedals after compressions by heating the shoulder of the Maria first-- then the maria body afterward. Describing this process in a text message is a bit difficult.

Mary K 2015-11-16 7:08am

For me Patti I had to make a choice between boro and soft. I started with soft glass, but always wanted to work boro. Once I started working with boro, I still alternated with the soft glass but found I was not as good as when I was only working soft glass, and I felt like it was holding me back on getting good with boro. So I eventually decided to sell all my soft glass and concentrate on boro only. Glad I did. It was hard to be proficient on both for me. As for a heart, just make a twisty in some bright colors that is not bubblie and goes on smoothly for you, make a heart with it on the maria, then make dots all around and inside it and then compress. Check out some of Trey Cornette's work on FB I think he has done hearts this way, plus he is awesome.

Steve! really nice work

Cosmo 2015-11-16 7:41am

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Some stuff from this weekend...

PennyLane 2015-11-16 8:18am

1st. Try at Cosmo's tutorial (Post #16)
My first try at Cosmo's tutorial, DNA Pendant, from posting #16.

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