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Ofilia 2018-10-22 8:02am

Who's ready for the ultimate Lucio workshop in Murano Italy March 2019?!
Ciao tutti! Long time no see:wink:. Scuze me, but it's time we did it and set Murano in our sights for a fabulous, life-time memory of an experience to treasure. Lucio has happily opened his studio to us during the month of March,2019. It will be like the last times, the option of 3 basic day or taking it to 4-5 or 6 days if you choose. You will have me with my insights (with over a dozen student groups over the years- sorry I lost tract how many but last count it was over 125 students total I've helped organize for Lucio) of preparations and side field trips outside of class hours as a unique bonus I'd love to share with you for joining us and making this trip possible. I can never express how deep Murano and it's people have taken hold of my heart. Those of you who know me, know this is sincere:).

March is a great time of year. Air fares are much lower, you are not in aqua alta freezing winter weather and you get the pleasure of enjoying Venice when it's not in peak touristy season.

Bear with me as I get a refresher course on how to post photos for the added enticement.

Who's interested to join us?! Vene con noi:-\"=D>=D>:biggrin:!!

dragonart glass 2018-10-22 8:35am

me me me! I want to go so bad. I can't wait to hear more!

Ofilia 2018-10-23 7:14am

Yeah! BRAVO!!!
Yeah! From one fishy person to another fishy person;)! I LOVE your fish and those jellies are a-frikin-mazing=D>. Do you know Joe Peters? He was one of our students in Murano a couple years back. Even if one works in boro, working in soft glass it is the ultimate teacher and translatable.

Off mandrel work is what Lucio is so masterful at. The way he captures the fluidity of glass and freezes EXPRESSION is mind blowing. His studio is state of the art. It holds 8-10 students comfortably and is a very cool environment to feel welcome in. I've come to know Lucio now since 2002 and can say he is like a brother from another mother;). Having a "Lucio" experience is a memory you will take away for life. It's very inspiring in many ways and I am a testament to that. The whole immersion of being on the quaint island of Murano, seeing some of the intricacies behind the scenes... delving a little into the culture and being a sponge soaking it all in all lead to a very deep soulful experience. You just let go! Don't let it sound corny to you, it really is amazing.

Having the option of choosing from 3 to 6 day workshop helps one find the right budget. Planning to extend your stay to get to explore the culture and islands is highly recommended. It is on those days I like to visit other studios and shops both for seeing others how they work and for that ultimate wholesale shopping at not-wholesale bulk. I am not a tour guide, simply a free spirit that over the years learned to spread my wings and see behind the scenes and have thoroughly relished these experiences. I extend this casual invitation to join me in getting a taste of these other treasures for your Venetophile acculturation:-&. (yea, it's a mouthfull but worth EVERY BITE!)

I like to arrange the workshop to start on a Wednesday to get three solid days in straight of workshop. This allows you to travel into VCE on any day of your choice as you will also find that air fares can be better on weekdays sometimes. It also lets you SEE everything during a "working" week day schedule. Weekends have more "tourist" sites to catch. Having more week days open after the conclusion of your workshop also allows you more time to explore and soak it all in. Personally, I like the "whole enchilada" approach to travel and things in general when it comes to something so outside the norm.

Lucio is holding the same fees for his workshop as he has for the past few years. I'll copy from the prior cost schedule in a separate reply. Luigi, his good life long friend who rents us the apartments also maintains his same fees for us. They are most generous to us and take a personal approach to our group.

Ofilia 2018-10-23 7:21am

The price of each day of workshop is 320 euro per day. So your minimum 3 day workshop will be 960 euro. A four day will be 1,280 euro, a five day 1,600 and so on. This will include all materials needed for the workshop and a light lunch and afternoon snack. These meals are homemade right in the kitchen chez Bubacco studio by yours truly. You can bring your own favorite tools, but Lucio’s technique is one that requires only the barest of minimal tools.

Lodging is separate from the cost of the workshop. Luigi Cattelan has been our host for these apartments. The price of lodging at Luigi Cattelan apartments in Murano proper, is 41.20 euro per night. This price includes a tax mandated by local government officials. This is for double accommodations in a smoke-free studio apartment with private bathroom, laundry facility and small kitchen for you to prepare your out of workshop hours meals. If you require private lodging, this cost would be doubled. You are also free to seek other housing options on your own, of course. Having a studio type apartment can save you a lot of money from having to eat out all the time. If you need suggestions of other housing options, please inquire as I know of other places, but Luigi's apartments have suited the majority of our students for decades now and quite affordable.

Class maximum is 10 students per workshop day. We have had successfully all skill levels in each group with no problem, but experience is recommended for your full potential of benefit. Class hours are between 9:30AM and 5:30 PM.

dragonart glass 2018-10-24 8:34am

Thank you Ophelia!
I saw Lucio (and you) at my first Gathering in 2005 and it was his magic that made me realize how much I wanted to play with glass! I saw him make mermaids, and the following year I had an up close seat to see him make a devil candlestick. Fricking magic!! I've pretty much obsessed over glass since then, and I've been torching full time for the last 5 years so I finally feel ready. I started in soft glass and still make beads with those awesome colors. I just love sculpting without the excitement of an impending explosion of hot glass.
Joe Peter's work is outstanding!!
If I'm going all that way I am taking all 6 days, staying in the apartments and hopefully staying for an extra few days. I went to Venice when i was 23 and wandered around aimlessly. I absolutely loved it there and I didn't even do anything really good. Always wanted to go back! So the next details are dates for a commitment and payment.
Anyone want to buy a glass lathe?!

Ofilia 2018-10-30 6:54am

Ciao, Polly! Lucio is truly a magnetic personality as you stated. To see him work is to see God creating the human life form with all its grace!. I too have wandered aimlessly around Murano, Venice and especially my favorite is Burano. I discovered some really curious and totally free adventures just being that curious person#-o. It all lends to the total picture and inspiration of what it is to be in the glass Mecca of all things art glass.

Lucio still has the dates in March totally open for us to choose. I'm leaning toward the last two weeks of March mostly to just move away from the wintery/aqua alta weather as much as possible. The workshop dates would start that Wednesday, the 20th and the last day of optional workshop days would be the following Wednesday the 27th. The nice thing too for air fare shopping is that there is no Easter holiday (which some years fall in March) to complicate finding the best deal this March 2019.

A tip on air fare shopping... don't get fooled by really low fares that make you travel at the ungodly hours of pre-dawn from Murano. You either have to catch the 4AM Alilaguna vaporetto :doubt::doubt::doubt: (more difficult than you imagine) or hire a private boat taxi that will cost you easily another 100-125 + euro](*,)! Also watch those lay overs... sure, you can get super cheap air fares going through distant places like Turkey, but you have ridiculous layovers that eat up a whole day (or more) of travel. Best is to spend that "extra" day and energy IN VENICE!! My absolute preferred time to arrive to VCE is between 11 AM and 2 PM. This way you can arrive fully invigorated with the adrenaline of getting to your destination and land running=D>. Easiest to navigate out of VCE is 9 AM flights or later.

To take advantage of spare explore dates would be any extended time you have before and after those Wednesdays. The weekend is great for any Venice exploration, but the actual Monday, Tuesday, Thursday after are great other glass studio visit days. I've come to know several hot shops and other glassy related studios that open their doors to us to browse, watch and shop.

On that note of "shopping"... be sure to leave plenty of room in your luggage to haul back the bounty that you will amass! I've had students bring cloths they were willing to leave behind in lieu of new treasures! You can even have opportunity to buy unusual color glass rod that may be available to the locals, but know your prices! No sense wasting luggage weight on stuff you can buy back home at good prices. We've had students buy the 10 kilo bundles from Effetre but that requires commitment to buy the whole lot and personally hauling the big heavy bundle back to your apartment [-([-(](*,)and it really has only been an option for a couple students in all the years I've been there who did it. That was with the thick ivory rod that is difficult if not impossible to find here in the US. The other is a couple vendors I can introduce you to and you buy by whatever quantity you desire. On a good day, they may give you the "local's price" but they may give you the "black book" (tourist) price... all depends on if it's a good day or not. When buying millefiori, it is cheaper to buy cane "bits" from Effetre than to buy it all nicely pre-sliced. To buy these is easy and no special connection is needed, but a word to the wise, if the same lady is there she watches your time spent in the millefiore room like a hawk. You have to shop or get the heck out quickly and not test her patience:-\" . She has a nick name I learned from a former employee of Effetre that I cannot repeat here in public:hide: . It's kind of fun getting to know these nuances of the personalities in Murano.

dragonart glass 2018-11-01 7:35am

That sounds awesome. Dates and all! Working on funding and learning italian asap <3

Danica 2018-11-04 9:01am

This would be a dream come true! Please send me more information!!!!
Thanks, Danica

Ofilia 2018-11-05 9:10am

Hi Danica and Polly,

Send me your email address by PM or email me at and I can include you on the emails with shared questions and tips as you shop for travel plans to put it all in order. Lucio will be very pleased at all your enthusiasm to join us:)!

Ofilia 2018-11-10 10:10am

Our group is shaping up quite nicely=D>! We have Rene, Danica, Polly, Beverly, Sheri and Sandy:-P. Woo-hoo!!

We'd love to have more of you out there come join us in this wonderful experience. Vene con noi! You will learn so much. So much about respect for the history of where our art glass came from, see where it is going, pick the brains of Lucio and his friends of their life experience and how humble and honorable a person they can be. Speak and breathe all the components that make this Italian excursion so unique and multidimensional..... Andiamo! LETS GO:poke::happy::fireblob::fireblob::fireblob::!

Ofilia 2018-11-10 10:32am

Let me see if this link works out.... It's from one of our students a few years back, Dave, who did a lovely photo journal of things we shared in and out of the workshop. It's funny, some of those studios we visited have changed and grown so much! It's so cool to revisit memories, especially when they were so fond. Oh, and there is Joe Peters too!! I can tell you so many funny stories about this group and others;-).


Klingner 2018-11-16 7:55pm

Oh, I so want to go on this trip, but not in the cards for me for 2019. Hopefully you will do it again in 2020 and I can go.

Ofilia 2018-12-02 10:09am


Originally Posted by Klingner (Post 5015051)
Oh, I so want to go on this trip, but not in the cards for me for 2019. Hopefully you will do it again in 2020 and I can go.

Keep me in your sites for future ideas and plans, you never know[-o<:-P! Dream it, believe it and turn that dream into a reality. It happened for me and I never looked back!

christidurand 2018-12-27 6:19pm

I would love some more info please as Iíve been considering traveling to Murano this March!
Thank you,

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