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carolinainmymind 2018-10-26 7:41am

another round of Name That Color!!!
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These are completely different than anything I have come across before, there is a chance they are 96, Ornela or Satake. Probably from 2005-2008 period.

The ivory is darker that 104, almost caramel color, and the rods are very rough. It may be a vetro color because I see rings in the ends. For comparison, the bottom rod is Vetro Dk. Ivory and the next up is Effetre Dk. Ivory.

The blue completely mystifies me... it is a dark opaque blue, probably handpulled because the rods are very irregular. But it has a really cool light reflection, like cats eye beads or fiber optics (I think it's called chatoyancy?) that I tried to capture in the photo. It's like nothing I have, and because of the rod size I don't think it's shampoo glass, but it could be.

Anybody have any thoughts?

dragonart glass 2018-10-26 8:10am

The rods in the top picture look like TAG fire lotus or some version of it. Could that be a possibility? That or a little like raku (iris orange).

yonil 2018-10-26 11:34am

Any chance the top one is sandalwood ivory? I didn't see it currently listed at Frantz, but I have gotten some in the past and it's a similar caramel color.

carolinainmymind 2018-10-26 1:20pm

The Sandal woodivory I have is darker and more green-ish, the fire lotus is way darker and more brownish... This looks like an Effetre opaque ivory (no translucence) and the rods are really rough like vetrofond specials, but the color is different from everything I have.

carolinainmymind 2018-10-26 1:25pm

Hopefully the weather will get better and I can melt a paddle of these on Sunday.

And I really wish glass suppliers would put up photos of the rod, it would make this at least a little easier. I know there are variations in batches, but it would give me a good starting point!

PolychromeBeads 2018-10-26 7:33pm

The "ivory" sounds like Vetrofond River Rock, a very popular color years back.


Ravenesque 2018-10-26 9:07pm

I was going to say it looks like river rock, it has an odd translucent hue to it if you hold it up, only way I know other than melting the end.
---scratch that, i reread, bottom rod looks like river rock, you're asking about the top 2? Not sure until you melt it. Sounds and looks like Raku but it's never rough.

That blue though :O Is it like star sapphire or like tiger eye? It looks so pretty!

carolinainmymind 2018-10-27 5:36am

If it wasn't for the darker caramel color I would swear that the top one is an Effetre ivory. I have hundred of colors, and none of them are close to this.

Yes, the blue rods have that shimmery line like a star sapphire. Like CIM colors, but somehow more intense. And it's opaque, or if it's transparent it is so dense that I can't see light through it.

Tomorrow I'm melting them...

Ravenesque 2018-11-12 6:58pm

Did you melt yet? \\:D/

carolinainmymind 2018-11-12 8:31pm

Ooops- forgot all about this! I'll add photos when I get a chance, but...

The ivory is probably Curdled Ivory. It striates when melted, and sort of separates out a little into a transparent- almost topaz- and something more like the ivory I'm used to. And there were sparkles when melting, and a few still visible in the beads. So probably some version of curdled ivory.

The blue lost the shimmer when I melted it. It's a very pretty opaque cobalt blue. Still not sure what that one is.

Robin Passovoy 2018-11-13 10:12am

Some of the opaque CiM colors have that shimmer before they're melted. That blue might be Lapis or Cornflower, but I can't be sure.

carolinainmymind 2018-11-19 5:48pm

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Photos of beads below... still can't figure out the blue. It's much more "blue" in reality, but the star sapphire shimmer is gone. From left, unknown ivory with silvered-something-stringer (may not necessarily be SIS), single color spacer, blue over clear, single color blue spacer.

echeveria 2018-11-20 12:01pm

Do you think the blue would reduce? I have some 96 coe Iris Blue that looks black when you make a bead. Looks pretty black in the rod too until you hold it up to light.

carolinainmymind 2018-11-20 7:44pm

Maybe... didn't think to try that since most of the reducing glass I have is DH, which looks totally different. I'll do that next time I'm at the torch.

And I don't think this is a CIM color since these rods are very irregular, isn't most CIM machine pulled and uniform?

Ravenesque 2018-11-24 11:26pm

Oh wow, total mystery still. It's not CIM, yes it's machine and it has a satin "sheen" like shampoo glass, but this looks like star sapphire which I've never seen.

carolinainmymind 2018-12-01 10:22am

I did some more testing on the blue last week. Reduced it... nothing happened. Put dots on ivory... nothing happened. On Silver leaf... nothing (except for a weird viscosity thing that was probably die to the silver.) On Yellow Ice... nothing. It's a very pretty blue, brighter than cobalt and I guess a VERY dense transparent, but it really doesn't seem to do anything special. And it's so cool in the rods, I may not melt it.

AngelaS 2019-03-20 12:09pm

I'm pretty sure I still have that "ivory" but have never heard it called Curdled Ivory. When I'm able I'll see if I can find any that is labeled or maybe the name will come back to me.

Sezzi 2019-03-25 8:23am

Sorry can't help with the colour but the blue looks lovely

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