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vetropod 2019-09-05 8:30am

QUESTION used glass price

Could folks help me out with a fair price for buying a lot of used 104coe glass?

I don't know how many pounds it is yet, but I was thinking of offering a per-pound price, like $6/pound. Is that too much? Too little?

I know there are a few valuable colors in there, but almost nothing is labelled, many colors are mixed. Basically, I'm doing a favor - eventually I can/will use the glass, but I have to transport it, sort it, clean it, etc.

Essentially, I'm looking for a price which is fair to me, but fair to the seller (family member getting out of glass, needs financial help, otherwise I wouldn't be buying this glass.


dragonart glass 2019-09-05 10:31am

I would look up a few of the colors on a reputable glass site for a price range. If it was offered for sale at a price that is how I would determine if it was worth the asking price. There are basic color prices and premium color prices...maybe an average or something.
If you don't want to buy the glass there are plenty of people on this site that would probably be happy to buy it and maybe that could help the other person more.
Just a few thoughts for you. Good luck

Jeri 2019-09-05 2:16pm

When I buy a large amount like this more or less “blind” I pay $4-5 a pound and less for opalinos and alabaster (because I make little use of them).

vetropod 2019-09-06 8:40am

Thanks for the input! I like the $5 figure, labor is def what I'm thinking about... AND that I'm not necessarily in the market to buy glass (lord knows I have enough already :lol:), just helping out a family member.

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