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Bentley 2019-10-23 9:10am

Lumiere Lusters
Forgive me if there's already a thread started, I couldn't find one.
Does anyone have images they can share and advise as well of glass beads using Jetage Studio's Lumiere Lusters? I'm thinking I like the bigger flakes.

rainygrrl 2019-10-25 2:57pm

Sorry, no. It would be interesting to see such a comparison.

Eileen 2019-10-25 6:26pm

I have not got any, would love to see photos too.

Listenup 2019-10-30 2:31pm

I was able to find this page.

phishstuff 2019-10-31 5:26am

I sure would love to try some as they are beautiful but saw there are some compatibility issues somewhere.

Moira 2019-10-31 11:13am

Here's a previous thread:

I never got much better with the stuff, but Beadgal had some lovely examples on her website.

Bentley 2019-11-01 11:03am

Thanks everyone. So another question, are there colors that hold up in the flame better than other colors?

Bentley 2019-11-06 9:53am

Since I'm distracted by anything that's shiny or sparkly I decided to order a few jars of the larger flakes. I'll post some pics after I receive it and practice.

Listenup 2019-11-06 3:26pm

Please let us know. I have a jar of the flakes but for use with nail polish. I don't have time to do it this week, but if I find myself with a few moments in the future, I'll give it a go too.

MaMay 2019-11-06 6:07pm

In the November issue of Soda Lime Times Renee (owner of Jet Age Studio) shows how to make a twistie with lumiere lusters.


Bentley 2019-12-05 9:04pm

5 Attachment(s)
Attachment 172928

Attachment 172929

Attachment 172930

Attachment 172931

Attachment 172932So now that Yonil posted a perfect tutorial in the Bathroom section on how to post a picture...Thank you Yonil! Here are my first test beads. I wasn't going for shape just samples of how this stuff works.
The color isn't as intense as it is before it's heated but I think it has potential.

Eileen 2019-12-05 9:10pm

Oooo, I have not checked those out yet! Sparkly!

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