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battymaddy 2019-11-22 1:18pm

Questions about gauges
I am curious about how the gauge roller is used and if anyone uses soft glass for gauges? I have alot of friends that have gauged ears and really want to make a few. Are there any tutorials available ?

rainygrrl 2019-11-26 5:49pm

Are you talking about a beadroller? If so you might find some helpful info on

Eileen 2019-11-26 8:21pm

The rollers probably are much easier, but I did find this video of someone doing them freehand. I have no personal knowledge either way.

battymaddy 2019-12-05 9:04am

There is a guage beadroller on the cg site but no info on that specific roller. Thank you for the video.

Eileen 2019-12-05 12:24pm

In general, when using a roller you roll the glass against the edge closest to you, not in the bottom. I hope that makes sense.

battymaddy 2019-12-05 6:33pm

That makes sense and might make it easier to use my round roller.

Eileen 2019-12-05 9:01pm

I have not watched all of these, but I notice one is for round:

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