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Srlazer 2019-11-23 4:54am

Liquid oxygen
Are members here using liquid oxygen and how are you getting dewars refilled?


dragonart glass 2019-11-23 8:48am

You have to use a lot of oxygen daily to justify using liquid. If it's not being used it will not last as long. The only places I see it used are shops running multiple torches using boro on a daily basis. The tanks are huge!

losthelm 2019-11-23 1:23pm

Your looking for an industrial gas supplier or larger welding shop. They will make regular deliveries in your area.
Often they will estimate usage, do safety training, and offer additional services.

Shaper 2019-11-23 5:40pm

If you are in a residential area most suppliers won't deliver liquid oxygen to you. If your not using a medium to large torch, gtt Phantom, Mirrage or larger, on a daily basis then your tank will most likely exhaust pressure build up, which can be very loud.
Other than that a standard sized dewar is equal to approximately 16 K tanks, which is a cost savings in most cases.
It also has to be kept outside of any building and hard pipe lined into the shop building. At least that is the building and fire safety code in my area.
As to having them filled any larger welding gas supplier should be able to do it. If your supplier can't do it then ask them where they could have one filled.
Be sure you don't get one of those small medical dewars with low pressure output as they don't work for most torches and can be hard to get filled.

Speedslug 2019-11-23 6:13pm

Aye, LOX pressure releases waste oxygen in my opinion but I am not even a part time hobbyist at best and a 10 LPM oxycon covers all my needs.

I suggest K tanks unless you are raging ever day for production work.

Tanks will have less problems getting swapped out in a residential area than LOX will.

Good Luck and Welcome

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