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HannahRachel 2011-10-21 10:13pm

Ladder Stitch Bracelet with Lampwork Closure
I learned these ladder stitch wrap bracelets years ago (read: decades ago), but they are enormously popular right now because of designer Chan Luu. Consider making them with a lampwork bead closure.

Hers are done with semiprecious and/or swarovski crystal and you can see them (and their prices) here:

Below is what you need to make a 1-yard wrap.

Work Surface
6 yards C-Lon Macrame Cord (I get it from caravan beads here: )
2 yards 2mm leather (available from your local bead store)
30 grams size 6/0 seed beads (also available from Caravan Beads)
Lampwork glass bead (mine is boro and you can find the tutorial to do this wave bead in this forum room. I used GA Passion Extreme and clear for this bead). The important thing about your lampwork, is that the hole must be big enough to go over TWO strands of the leather. You'll see why as you read through this.
Twisted Wire Needles
Some glue - I suggest watch glue.

Fold your leather in half. Wrap the C-lon around it and fasten with a knot.
THIS IS YOUR BUTTON HOLE! Make sure that it fits over your bead.

Stick a bit of glue on there or burn that little end with a thread burner or match (see the Shamballa Bracelet Tutorial thread in the Tutorials For Sale section on details regarding this). Pin down to your work. It'll make it easier to start.

Thread your needle.
(Okay, I actually HATE these little wire needles, but they do make this project easier. So, swear a bit and then go ahead and thread that booger)
Thread on a size 6/0 seed bead.

**Pass the seed bead underneath and between the leather pieces.

Go OVER the lower leather piece, THROUGH the seed bead and OVER the upper leather piece.
Thread on another seed bead.** Pass the seed bead underneath and between the leather.

You probably see where this is going.
Go OVER the lower leather piece, THROUGH the seed bead and OVER the upper leather piece.

Thread on another seed bead.
Continue between the ** until you get bored.
I got bored about 4" into this bracelet, but I was all heck-bent on making it wrap at least twice. BTW, the Chan Luu single bracelets run about $150.

When you get to the end, wrap your C-lon a few times around the leather and pull it really tight. Tie a knot and glue it. Pull your lampwork over the top of this wrap and over the top of the knot. The glue should also be inside that bead. Tie a knot on the outside of the lampwork and trim your cords.

You're done! Admire you work!

Now, lets see photos of yours!

azstar 2011-10-21 10:55pm

Thank you!

ElementalsDesign 2011-10-21 11:22pm

Oh yeah!
HannahRachel... I did an awful lot of this sort of knotting/stringing/macrame in my teens and early twenties (even did it as piece work for a cool shop in Oly, WA for a couple of years) and I remember how long it took to learn the patterns, to get a rhythym going (not to mention being able to pay enough attention to avoid making a goober an inch back you had to unravel to go back and fix ;} and to come up with a professional looking end product.

You do such an amazing job of explaining these techniques... you make them very simple (no small talent in itself) and accessible.. in a way (I think) which would help anyone, regardless of their skill level, (especially those what are a bit, perhaps, intimidated) to be really comfortable approaching these projects and easily capable of achieving satisfying results.

Brava!!! =D> =D> =D>

VERY nicely done... I think you should consider broadening your audience.. get those great tutes out there on "teachstreet", "howto" and any other tuturial sites I can't think of at the moment (or have never heard of).. dozens of which I know are out there on the web.

Woman... you are a NATURAL at breaking these things down and explaining them ('aka' teaching ;}.

That coupled with your natural sense of color and style is a sure-fired winning combination... go for it!



Melinda 2011-10-22 1:15am

I was just thinking that I wanted to try these types of bracelets and whammo a tutorial! Thank you!

lonerp 2011-10-22 2:17am

Thank you for a great instruction. Very clear and easy understandable.

I havenīt however been able to find any c-lon in Europe. Are there any other good nylon brands for this? I made a bracelet with oldtime cotton macrame thread and that works too, but has a different look.

HannahRachel 2011-10-22 9:13am

I'm not really an expert on the other types of polyester that are available for beading since I'm primarily a seed beader, but I'll bet that Gudebrod Silk would look lovely instead of the C-lon and is probably readily available in Europe. The problem with silk, however, is that it stretches, so you'll have to work your bracelet really tightly to start.

If you do want to go with the C-lon, my bet is that Caravan will ship overseas if you shoot them an email.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words.

Rachel, I mainly sell my tutorials off of Etsy since its so easy to load stuff on there. LE has been really good to me, too, as a social marketing site. I also have a limited number of tutorials available on and my personal website. I really need to get on it an update both of those. Thank you so much for the suggestions on the other two sites - I'll have to look into it. You were very kind about what you said.

zen-mom 2011-10-22 9:27am

Oh wow! I have been making these like crazy. A lady who works at the Bead Gallery in Hawaii taught me how when I was there last time. I'll take pic of the "collection" later today. :)

Gelly 2011-10-22 1:04pm

Sheesh... looks like I need to get some leather and seed beads now too.

zen-mom 2011-10-22 1:34pm

1 Attachment(s)
Here are the ones I've been making the last couple of weeks...

zen-mom 2011-10-22 1:36pm

1 Attachment(s)
And the ones I've been wearing for the last 4 weeks... I haven't taken them off at all... I guess I'm kinda testing the durability... so far so good! Except the ones I'm wearing have metal buttons, not glass.

Gelly 2011-10-22 1:42pm

They are all fabulous Donna! I like the idea of a flower bead for the closure.

So... do most of you people just have all of these cool looking beads and supplies just hanging around your house? I realize those that are primarily jewelry makers would have this stuff, but do most lampworkers have this stuff too? I've never done any real jewelry making... (just a little project here or there) and I always have had to buy stuff specifically for them. I guess I need to start a stash of some sort. Where to begin?????

zen-mom 2011-10-22 2:00pm

I buy when I learn something new... so over the past few years I built up quite the supply of things that I can use in different projects. I also have a ton of stuff I've bought that I thought was cool at the time and didn't really know what I was going to use it for. Like the pink lucite bead bracelet with the pink lucite flower... I've been using the flowers for earrings but I have a lot of the lucite beads that I bought just because I liked the colors.

Anyway, I bought the leather cord and the Chinese crystals and the Silamide for this project... But I just happened to have the C-lon because I bought it last year at a show then forgot about it... until I found Hannah's tutorial! :)

Polgarra 2011-10-22 5:03pm

Brilliant! Thanks Hannah.

Gorgeous Donna

zen-mom 2011-10-22 5:05pm

Thanks Nikki... (sssh, don't tell anyone, these pics again where taken with my phone)... :lol:

Lizzydee 2011-10-22 5:37pm

Thanks Hannah!

BellaBean 2011-10-22 6:23pm

Thanks Hannah! This will be a fun project for my nieces to do. They are always looking for new things involving beads.

Beautiful bracelets Donna!!!!

ellabeads 2011-10-22 6:57pm

Wow, that is really pretty! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Leslie Dana 2011-10-22 6:57pm

You are so Cool Hannah for sharing this!! I cannot wait to try .C-lon? not like knotting silk? ( lol which is all I have on hand.)

Gelly 2011-10-22 7:44pm

Where are my manners? Donna, did you steal them?

Thanks for taking the time to write the tutorial, Hannah!!

zen-mom 2011-10-22 8:02pm

I have them here in Cali. I'm holding them hostage... they will be released when you personally come here to pick them up. :p

HannahRachel 2011-10-23 6:42am


Originally Posted by Leslie Dana (Post 3754042)
You are so Cool Hannah for sharing this!! I cannot wait to try C-lon? not like knotting silk? ( lol which is all I have on hand.)

Hi Leslie Dana: I think that the silk will be beautiful, but it has to be a long enough strand - you'll use up the thread you are weaving a lot faster than the cord on each side of the beads. So if you want a 1 yard wrap, you'll need 6 yards of the silk cord to start out with. I'm sure there's a way to start a new thread, but I haven't figured that out yet without it really showing.

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

Aurore 2011-10-23 8:27am

Thanks Hannah .. great tutorial !!
I did make a couple of these about a month ago ... and used Nymo size D thread, then you can use 4mm swarovski's and get it thru the hole
got mine from: very fast/good service.

Will try and get some pics .... :-k

HannahRachel 2011-10-25 8:31am

Great photos and bracelets Donna!

Post your finished bracelets, everyone!

zen-mom 2011-10-25 10:58am

I'm laying in bed nursing a cold again today... I bought a bunch more czech crystals and I know I have some semi precious stones. So I think I'm going to make one that wraps several times to keep myself occupied today. :) This is the perfect *I don't feel well and I'm bored* project.

Beadanna 2011-10-25 11:31am

Thanks for the tut Hannah!
Andrea Guarino's sister - the beautiful Christine gave me one she had made with cathedral beads. Really beautiful. Andrea showed us how to do them in the evenings when we did the course with her some weeks ago.
Mine was a bit too big so I took it apart and haven't finished it again.
I'll get a pic of the one Christine gave me when the sun comes out. If it ever does.

Dragonfly Queen 2011-10-25 1:47pm

Thank you for sharing.

I did something similar with square knots and used a button for the closure.
I like the lampwork closure better. I will have to try that next time.

Beautiful bracelets Hanna and Donna.

sortaflower 2011-10-25 4:03pm

Oh this is So fun, just got my supplies in and I can tell this will be, yet another, beading addiction. Thanks Hannah =~)

zen-mom 2011-10-25 5:04pm

2 Attachment(s)
Okay, so I didn't make the longer wrap one because I was cleaning up my bead cabinet and found a little stash of David Christensen furnace glass beads, so I made this:

pittypat 2011-10-25 7:06pm

ok, I have gathered everything. Now I have a simple question. After you knot and cut? the wrap, where do you start the thread with the first bead? I am supposing that you knot and pull it through the wrap?
Thanks for any answers. HannahRachel, are you here or in bed?

ginko 2011-10-25 7:13pm

I just want to hang out and watch Hannah create. She is amazing.

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