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eregel 2012-03-24 11:59am

My new Shedio - or is that Barnio?
It's HERE! Well, actually it's at the dealer - because it arrived 3 weeks early and I don't have the building permit yet! (Leaving work early Monday to take care of THAT little detail!)

8x16' Amish built "Tall Barn". Colors wouldn't have been my first choice, but it matches house and husband's barn.

Husband insisted I have a second exit, so I added a dutch door on the far end from where my torch will be located.

This is the other end, taken through the dutch door:

There will be loft storage over both ends, walls will be insulated then finished with pegboard over the long wall and white panaling over the other surfaces. Wide workbench on the far wall for torching, then a narrower workbench will run most of the length of the back wall, leaving room for my Craftsman stacking toolbox units next to the door. Drafting table under the window by the door, rolling cart with my kiln under the other door.

Everything is going to be white, with accents of "Fiestaware" tropical colors - citruses, carribean blues, hot pinks.

I can't wait to get started - and you'll get to follow along every step of the way!

GaysieMay 2012-03-24 12:05pm

Is it ok to be insanely jealous?

That is fab.

12bar 2012-03-24 1:45pm

That is going to be so cool, I would love to do something like that but my HOA would have a cow.

Eileen 2012-03-24 1:46pm

Congratulations, that is going to be an awesome workspace! Keep us posted with pics as you go please!

LynieG 2012-03-24 2:56pm

WWOOO HOOO!!! Yeah for you Pat! Congrats!

eregel 2012-03-24 3:13pm

It's my retirement present to myself - my last day on the payroll is Wednesday! I'll be working a couple of days a week for at least the first part of the summer (I'm technical lead on a project that really isn't ready for me to disappear quite yet) but this is going to be my sanctuary.

catsarthouse 2012-03-24 5:59pm

That is great Pat! Here's to you and many wonderful beads in your new space!

tivydave 2012-03-24 6:24pm

thats so sweet. love that you are going to insulate it.

Kalera 2012-03-24 8:18pm

That is such a beauty! Congratulations!

alb6094 2012-03-24 8:44pm


eregel 2012-03-25 4:34am

I have to insulate it, or it will be useless 6 months out of the year. It gets COLD here in the winter. I had discount cards for Lowes that were expiring today, and we were actually in the process of buying parts for the shedio project when I got the call that they want to set it up this week! One of the things I learned on the shopping expedition is that not all florescent lights will work in sub-freezing temperatures - who knew?

Anyway, so far I have:
6 sheets of 3/4" plywood for lofts and workbenches - 1 "good" sheet to surface the long workbench, cheaper stuff for lofts and torch bench, since it's getting covered anyway.
24 2x4s for supports under the lofts and framing in the work benches, shelves, fans, etc.
2 4' florescent fixtures and daylight bulbs for them
1 gallon of dark gray porch and deck enamel - very first step is 2 coats of paint on the floor
Ventilation fan is on order, 2nd day delivery - that's a pretty early step in the process.
6 pieces of vinyl fence rail to make glass storage with
THIS glorious piece of storage - 504 drawers in a 2x2' footprint!
4 magnetic bar tool holders

Craftsman stacking toolbox unit
Rolling metal cart - currently using it for my torch table; repainted and touched up it will house my kiln and crockpot. That way I can roll it out of the way when I have a guest at the second torch.
Big vintage metal trash can
Drafting table currently taking up way too much space in my sewing room
some vintage wooden stools - one from my Grandma's kitchen that I've cherished since I could walk, one from our original kitchen.
White board from my office
Ott light floor lamp that just won't work in my living room.

Plus I have a whole "hope chest" tote full of storage bins and baskets, decorative stuff, etc.

TONS still to buy, but until we could actually see the barn and get measurements - and until we can use it immediately, not have it in damp storage - we didn't want to pick up the peg board, paneling, insulation, etc etc etc.

micsmom 2012-03-25 5:42am

Pat, you're doing exactly what I have been thinking about doing. Can't wait to watch your progress. I live right outside amish country and they have wonderful buildings - just deciding what size. May I ask you what kind of ventilation did you order? I too will have to put insulation in (never can have too much in NE LOL). Best of luck to you and can't wait to hear what you're doing next.

wdgross 2012-03-25 6:43am

Pat - this is going to be fun to watch happen - keep us posted.

eregel 2012-03-25 8:37am

This is the model I ordered: I really wanted multiple speeds, and it's a LOT of CFM for the money. Going to set up for 2 torches, so I need a bigger hood, and more fan.

My Husband is going to build the hood from sheet metal, after we have the fan installed, paneling and metal protective surface in, and the loft installed overhead. We spent an hour or two yesterday wandering around in the barn (on the dealer's lot) planning out the strategy in terms of what order the build steps need to be.

Had to make some minor changes in my schematics after we actually got to see the shed - the bench height is going to be about 2" lower than I'd planned, because of where the header under the windows falls. But it will be more than fine - I had lots of adjustment space built into the plan, because I had no way to know exactly what the dimensions and placement of the doors and windows would be. But I've been drawing this up for almost 2 months - the delay has been frustrating, but it actually worked in my favor. The original shed I looked at was lovely, but it was an 8x10 cottage - if the dealer had been open that day, instead of snowbirding in Florida, I'd have spent $500 less on the shed, but would be 6' shorter and would have NO loft storage - which is a huge plus for Hubby, who has so much of our stuff stored in his workshop that he can't set all his saws up at once. So this is win win for everyone.

12bar 2012-03-25 3:24pm


Originally Posted by eregel (Post 3942767)
It's my retirement present to myself - my last day on the payroll is Wednesday! I'll be working a couple of days a week for at least the first part of the summer (I'm technical lead on a project that really isn't ready for me to disappear quite yet) but this is going to be my sanctuary.

Congratulations on your retirement, I bailed out the first of the year and can say for sure it's everything it's made out to be, you won't be sorry.

eregel 2012-03-25 5:50pm

Oh, trust me, my ONLY concern is that I come from extreme longevity on both sides of my family, and knowing I'm probably going to have to live on this pension for another 50 years is a little scary. But frankly, I'd rather eat catfood in my 80s than let my soul shrivel up in a 6' x 4' cubicle any longer.

My PLAN is to build my eBay business to a point where I can actually be building some savings for the next decade or two. Hopefully the studio will play a part in that plan.

micsmom 2012-03-26 3:34am

Thank you so much for the ventilation fan. Looks like it will work great.

Flonche 2012-03-26 7:10am


Originally Posted by eregel (Post 3943298)

6 pieces of vinyl fence rail to make glass storage

Go back and get at least 12 more :lol:

On a totally unrelated note, I love the boogie board pic in your avatar

eregel 2012-03-26 11:47am

IT'S HERE!!! I filed for my building permit this morning, and they told me that the permit will be available next week, but because I meet all the requirements I can take delivery now. They put the gravel pad down this morning, then went back and got the shed.

Here's the view toward my garden before - the pad is visible just past the little arbor

Shed arrives & is dropped onto pad - the automated trailer they use is amazing!

Here's the same view of the garden after:

And finally, here's the view out my dutch door - my koi pond and surrounding patio, with bistro table and glider. It's going to be weeks before the interior of the barn is outfitted, but I'm really excited that it's actually HERE!

tivydave 2012-03-26 1:27pm

how cute that looks there.

AmorphousDesigns 2012-03-26 1:28pm

sweet! cannot wait to see more as you progress.

eregel 2012-03-26 2:11pm

Unfortunately, not going to be a lot of progress immediately - I wasn't expecting delivery for another 3 weeks, and have all kinds of things planned this week/weekend. The GOOD thing is, it's SO COLD here today that I'm kind've okay with not having to work on the shed just yet...

beybey 2012-03-26 3:39pm

Very nice!! Can't wait to see how it progresses and then the final product. How exciting!

beadsoncypress 2012-03-27 3:52am

Congratulations!! You're gonna love every minute of this!!!

eregel 2012-04-06 8:17am

First step! It's been too cold to paint the floors, so I've been trying to find something I CAN work on. I'm using stone wool insulation, which is moisture, mold, mildew and vermin resistant, plus it's NOT FIBERGLASS, which makes me break out into festering sores. It comes in 4 foot batts, which works out well - my DH is going to run the wiring for outlets above the bench level, so I can do the bottom 4' without impeding any other part of the project. We picked up 2 bales yesterday, and this morning I installed them. This is GREAT stuff to work with - no staples, strictly press-fit between the studs, and it cuts like butter with a serated knife.

I also marked out the benches on the floor with masking tape, and cut cardboard to indicate all the furniture that's moving out there - wanted to make sure everything would fit as intended. I'm really pleased overall - everything actually fits better than I expected.

lynne 2012-04-06 8:54am

What a gorgeous studio space Pat. I'll be watching as you progress finishing it. I love the windows, so nice to have some natural light coming in.


eregel 2012-04-06 9:13am

There were 3 changes I made to the stock floor plan - I added the dutch door, I substituted ridge venting for the stock gable vents, and I paid $40 extra to upgrade to larger windows. My husbands 12x24 version of the same barn is not only dramatically larger, but has the stock windows, and every time he walks into mine he comments again on how bright the space is. I'll probably end up having to find metal miniblinds for the window next to the torch! But it's going to be great having the other big window right over my drafting table!

Lorraine Chandler 2012-04-06 11:25am

Very happy for you. =D>

The first thing we did was slap on three coats of termite paint. Then we just left the doors open to air out because that stuff is nasty. Next week we will start all of the extra framing supports and electrical.

I read where the floor is the very last thing to go in and be finished so you do not get it all messed up doing the walls. When we are ready for the floor we will put down sub floor and then tile over it.

This will be very interesting to see how you do yours differently from how we do ours with both of us ending up with nice little studios. :waving:

eregel 2012-04-06 3:25pm

We wanted to paint the floor first, so I don't have to work around the legs to the benches, but it just hasn't been warm enough - if the days don't go above 50, the porch and deck enamel is just not going to dry.

I think tomorrow the exhaust fan is going in, and possibly we'll get started on wiring, walls, benches. I'd get a lot farther this weekend if I didn't have to shop for and cook Easter dinner.

essiemessy 2012-04-06 5:35pm

OMG I've just seen this thread. OMG OMG how awesome is all that???

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