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Rudy 2013-12-31 8:56am

Selling "non-glass" items
I recently posted something in the was about some candle-making equipment. I just noticed that my post has vanished. Is it against the rules to sell non-glass items?

I just noticed that there is only one page in the Garage....hmmmmm, maybe I just got bumped out. I haven't been on LE for a while (just occasional lurks). Maybe the rules have changed?

Eileen 2013-12-31 9:02am

Did you have the items for sale with a price?
I think if you don't set a price, or have just a link to a sale elsewhere, etc. it is against the rules. But as far as I know you don't have to sell only glass type stuff.

Rudy 2013-12-31 9:35am

Thank you!

MaryBeth 2013-12-31 4:14pm

As far as I know you can sell anything in the garage sale except for live animals. There is a 10 day limit and then things get cleaned up.

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