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CorriDawn 2014-02-16 6:58pm

Are any Bullseye odd lots worth more?
I am selling all of my Bullseye. 50 pounds of it, most of it is unlabeled. which kind of sucks because I know there are some lusters in there, I just have no clue which ones they are. I do have some colors like denim and pink sappharine, and aurora II. Are there any odd lots that are sought after? If so, which ones and what do they go for?

Here is what I wrote down with descriptions of each color

crème brule
dk green
brt blue
1859 trans rhubarb pink shift
309 cinnabar strike
71101A aurora II
1717 copper green lustre
1116 turquoise blue trans
br70820A No label???
1426 No Label???
Labeled as Blbn? Burnt orange
red rum
1842 neo lav shift
labeled orb2 orange outer layer mottled lt orange middle opaque
labeled rhub
80307A new custard
70514A Buff
80211A Mossy Oak
1001-K tree frog green
1001-N antique white
trans striking orange?
trans teal
bright green
light green
light lavendar. Possible tran neo lav shift
bright yellow
lt orange
trans olive? Strips
blue, slightly dusty colored light
green sparkly , streaky, trans with clear and white?
assorted trans greens
assorted light green transp
labeled TnAV?
1834 coral orange tint
trans med dk blue rod
green opaque more dusty green
rose city marble
opal sapparine
light pink rod
light blue
bright yellow (deeper than other)
dark blue
possible trans rhubarb shift
pale aqua
pale pink trans
deep denim colored trans blue
trans greyish purplush dark
sappharine seltzer
trans dark brilliant blue
medium trans greyish color
trans coralish color
opaque grey
opaque brown
marine sparkle
dark green adventurine
medium trans green
dark dark teal adventurine rough rod
trans dark blue
medium blue
blue trans possible striker
dk brown odd lot, no clue what
greenish tinted greyish white rod
trans yellow (some sort of striking)
dark trans teal
transp purple
striking pinks assorted no clue opaque
garnet striking
trans med blue (possible striking?)
trans dark bronze color
trans dark green
trans coralish color striking?
green adventurine, smoother and lighter
clear rod, it is some odd lot no clue what it does. strikes or something
trans amber/yellow rod, may be striker
dk green trans
light yellowish green trans
dusty lavender color some rod, some strip
dk amber trans possible striker strips
trans brown
dark trans blue
trans orange strips
trans med amber color
trans lavendar
shift green/purple?
trans lt aqua
trans semi rough pinkish reddish color
white core with lisht pinkish over it
trans red
carribean blue
trans yellow
trans blue strips possible striker
dark blue adventurine
trans dark green
opaque dark green
various trans orange
dense white
dk trans grey?
dk trans purple strips
medium green opaque
trans striking reddish possible odd lot?
looks like denim but sparklier odd lot
streaky blue green white adventurine odd lot
very sparkly green advernturine dense
oregon grape
looks black, but held up, some looks very dark trans blue and some very dark trans purplish red
white core

squid 2014-02-16 7:12pm

The pinks can be, but the rest, not really.

squid 2014-02-16 7:13pm

oh and gold purple and violet striker too - they were standard colors that were discontinued.

MaryBeth 2014-02-16 7:49pm


Originally Posted by squid (Post 4534690)
The pinks can be, but the rest, not really.


Originally Posted by squid (Post 4534693)
oh and gold purple and violet striker too - they were standard colors that were discontinued.

I would also add:

the denims and marine sparkle.

They are both gorgeous colors that don't really have any equivalent in the regular line.

SuzyQ 2014-02-17 5:17am

Maybe it's because it's Monday, but these descriptions crack me up :D "clear rod, it is some odd lot no clue what it does. strikes or something"

I agree with what the others said. The creme brulee and your dark brown odd if rough (it's sable) might be worth more too.

CorriDawn 2014-02-17 9:12am

Yes, the dark brown is rough and there is a note that it looks good with woodland brown.

You should have seen my descriptions before I cleaned them up. "Another fricken green I have no clue how to describe", "looks just like the other blue rods, but only have a few and in a different spot, so has to be some other odd lot"

I am just going to sell as one lot and not deal with it

LyndaJ 2014-02-18 9:38am

Aurora is worth more due to silver content.

ingetraud 2014-02-18 10:16pm

Howaco sells it if you want to compare prices. I recently paid $1.08 per rod for all colors (except lusters) at the bay area resource center including gold purple.

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