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truegem 2015-09-06 4:57am

What's the best shade of orange to make pumpkins? I have so many shades of orange it's crazy.
Thank you

KJohn 2015-09-06 6:54am

I know what you mean, I love orange too! Myself, I would try some Phoenix or that other striking one(CIM), to add some interest. Otherwise, the regular orange special is such a nice color I would try that unless I wanted a softer look. Halloween is really nice for that soft mango type of look. You can always touch up with a little enamel too for texture.

mandyjw 2015-09-06 8:17am

I think most orange shades are fine for pumpkins, from yellow orange to the coral ones. I really like the apricot orange ORANGE number 591419-O color I just got.

beadmama 2015-09-06 9:31am

CIM Butternut looks like a good color , I haven't tried it though.

snoopdog6502 2015-09-06 4:41pm

I used northstar lava, it's borosilicate.

truegem 2015-09-07 3:02am

Some good suggestions, thanks. Really cute pumpkin, snoop!

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