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Rudy 2018-02-25 4:00pm

Best Orange choice
I'm looking for a true orange. I've tried some of the transparent "striking" orange, but it's too close to red. I want that "orangey" orange. I have 2 rods of a beautiful Transparent Orange 422. Any good recommendations?

Thanks in advance!!!

Chocake 2018-02-25 4:44pm

I rather like Cim Clockwork.

tassiebeads 2018-02-25 6:06pm

Lauscha makes a nice orange.

queenofsheba52 2018-02-25 6:50pm

Here's another vote for CiM Clockwork. It strikes but you can control the strike so that you can get different intensities of transparent orange.


echeveria 2018-02-26 11:20am

Isn't 422 an opaque? Are you looking for a transparent? Lauscha has a nice translucent orange.

artsyuno 2018-02-26 11:51am

Mango coral is my favorite opaque orange.

Elizabeth Beads 2018-02-26 2:37pm

I like CIM Sunset, Phoenix, and Butternut.

Rudy 2018-02-26 3:45pm

I'm looking for more of a transparent orange...any favorites?

Three Muses Glass 2018-02-26 5:21pm

Lauscha tangerine is nice, Vetro Carrot Sparkle is nice...can't remember if that was trans though. I like plain old striking orange but it has to be layered.

Three Muses Glass 2018-02-26 5:25pm

I'm about 85% sure the orange here is V. Carrot Sparkle. Frantz still has some.

KJohn 2018-02-28 2:44pm

orange crush is gorgeous lickable orange crush soda orange. It does go a bit translucent in the flame the longer it is worked. A focal I did was almost an opaque, but it had a beautiful glow.

FosterFire 2018-03-30 7:20am

Be careful of overworking the transparent orange. You will get more red if it's overheated after striking.

mandyjw 2018-04-10 3:05am

I really like to mix electric yellow with my orange. It used to be much more orange, they've changed the batch or formulation to be too close to red in my opinion.

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