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Szqhalka 2018-04-23 4:46am

Iím looking for glitter. Searched high and low. Asked on Etsy but canít seem to find the right search words. Can anyone help?

Eileen 2018-04-23 8:09am

To use in beads? I have a shiny mica (small, not large flakes) that looks glittery, regular glitter will not hold up to the heat.

Croft Eeusk 2018-04-23 1:41pm

Or there's dichroic extract like in this post of Steffi's
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Dichro also comes coated on strips or sheets of glass.


eregel 2018-04-23 7:21pm

I have the glitter! Pure natural mica. PM me and I'll get you the details.

Aurore 2018-04-25 6:47pm

Do you have some bead examples with your mica ?

Chocake 2018-06-09 12:23pm

Jetage studios - lumiere lusters

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