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notrhydon 2018-07-23 12:55pm

Setting Up at Shows
How do folks handle setting up your torch at shows? I've got my first show coming up (wahoo!) but I don't know what sort of liability/extra safety precautions I should take. Any advice would be awesome!

Lorraine Chandler 2018-07-23 3:36pm

The people in charge of the show will be able to tell you if you can set up a torch at an indoor show. Sometimes even outdoor shows refuse open flames. Some Fire Marshalls say no. Sometimes you need to provide all of the right items like a fire extinguisher, fire retardant table covers and have the Fire Marshall approve it first.

Sometimes the owners of the grounds being used for the show won't approve torches. Check it out carefully before you pay for the space rent.

The next thing to do is purchase insurance. You can buy it per show through some insurance companies. It will cover theft, loss of goods to and from the show and damages from your table being knocked over etc. One time the wind came up and the tent next to mine wasn't anchored down properly and flew onto my tent..:shock:

Some shows you will need your resell certificate and business license to prove you are a legitimate business and you will collect taxes on goods sold.
Hope this helps?

Speedslug 2018-07-23 9:06pm

Personally, I would pass on setting up to do live demos.

Popping hot glass is one hazard.
Soda flare means they really won't be able to see what you are doing in the flame any way and a fascinated 8 year staring at your torch work for a half hour without didys on could all be prime sources for lawyers to make a metric ton of money from you for the rest of your life.

Maybe if you set up an enclosed booth with ventilation and UV glass windows then maybe.

I saw one like that in Hawaii back in 1991 once and I think Disney has something like that even now.
I think Shawnett worked at Disney and Brad ( glassmaker) worked at Dolly World doing live torch work.

notrhydon 2018-07-24 5:35am

Thanks folks. It's an outdoor event on private property. I've already gotten approval from the organizers and property owners. I'll definitely be building up heat shielding for the table and around the table. I'll have to look into that temporary insurance.

Shaper 2018-07-25 11:54am

I've seen and known folks that set up at fairs all the time. As long as they get the OK from the people in charge and the people checking for safety, fire dept etc, then it's no problem.
The folks I know usually have their torch table set up at least 8 feet from anyone standing
and watching them working. That keeps folks safe from possible popping hot glass and minimizes harmful IR light exposure to where it isn't much of a concern.
The fire hazard seems to be the main concern at these venues.
Have fun and share the knowledge.

ESC 2018-07-27 4:30pm

I have a plexi wind barrier I set up and three or four pairs of the inexpensive didymiums for the crowd to pass around.

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