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Mina 2021-04-05 12:05pm

Green and Orange Yuck
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These last couple of months I've been on a green kick. recently I've noticed that whenever I use orangey glass on green I end up with a really dark ugly reaction that does not look orange at all. Notice dark area of cabochon. that is where the effetre dark orange and the effetre green overlapped.

Anyone else have this happen? Is it a common reaction between these two colors? Any way to prevent the reaction while still using the two colors together?

FosterFire 2021-04-05 2:22pm

It's a chemical reaction. It can be used for some interesting effects, like turquoise on ivory. You can prevent the effect only by keeping the 2 colors from touching. Even casing in clear is not 100% effective but you might get closer to what you want.

Three Muses Glass 2021-04-05 2:23pm

This might explain the why of it- (yes, I know it's BE but the ingredients are probably the same) Sometimes those reactions are a very good thing with dots and so forth but not so great with organics.

You might try making stringers with orange enamels (like white covered in orange enamels), like Thompson's or clear coating the Effetre orange. But that might still bleed through if you're going for organic.

Mina 2021-04-05 3:16pm

I was afraid that would be the response. I was hoping someone would say...whaaat??!! Why are your colors doing that? Mine NEVER do that.

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