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Pia Kaven 2022-02-21 6:09pm

Help needed for pricing
I am moving overseas and my glass studio that has unfortunately been stored for several years has items that I would like to get rid of rather now than in few years when I return.

I have Unlimited Oxygen converted oxygen generator that's been converted 2007, and I would like to sell it, if is still functional, and I only used it shortly before I had to pack my studio and move to a place where I couldn't work with glass.

I am looking to see how they are priced for resale these days? If it's even worth selling it...?

Thank you in advance.

echeveria 2022-02-21 6:12pm

What are the specs on it?

Pia Kaven 2022-02-21 6:23pm


Originally Posted by echeveria (Post 5126171)
What are the specs on it?

It's the M-10 up to 5 lpm

echeveria 2022-02-21 7:27pm


Originally Posted by Pia Kaven (Post 5126174)
It's the M-10 up to 5 lpm

I have seen those listed from $200 up to $600. People will ask how many hours are on them. Most are listed for local pickup.

echeveria 2022-02-21 7:29pm

I don’t really keep up with whether they sell though. And jewelers can use them too for their torches.

Pia Kaven 2022-02-21 7:31pm

Sure can, I just can't find the hours anywhere... I don't think this one has it. I didn't think they are that pricey... maybe I need to still hold onto it. Unless someone offers me something I can't refuse. :D

Thank you Kathy for your help, you really did help me.

Eileen 2022-02-22 6:58am

Also it depends on where it was stored. If it was out in a shed or something the beds may be ruined. The humidity is bad for a machine that was not regularly used. Plug it in and run it for a few hours maybe to see if it alerts?

Speedslug 2022-02-22 9:49am

My concern would be he internal hoses / tubing.

They are replaceable with stuff from the hard ware store if you are the least bit handy.

Eileen 2022-02-22 11:41am

You might want to talk to Justin LaClair at oxygen plus He gave a talk to our glass group on our tech night and he said he was available if anyone had questions. I know from personal experience that I bought an oxygen concentrator from someone when I first started for $250 from a woman who had moved to Florida to be close to her mother-in-law and the mother-in-law had died so they were moving back up north. She had not used the concentrator for I don't remember how many years but they had turned it on and it seemed to be okay so I bought it. When I put it on the torch it worked for a short while and then alerted there was a problem with the oxygen. I can't remember if I used it for a little while before that but I know that day I had it on for about 20 minutes and then it was gone and when I took it to a repair place they said the beds were gone the compressor was gone and some other stuff that was going to run me just as much as if I bought a used one they had already redone so that's what I did.

echeveria 2022-02-22 3:29pm

The alarm is disabled on a lot of the one converted for glass, so the thing I look for is does it feed the flame oxygen or just air? It is easy to tell the difference, since the candles never level out if it is air.

Pia Kaven 2022-02-24 12:14pm

Thanks everyone. I am on a deadline here so I don't have time to mess with it, i will just put it into the storage and deal with it, once the right time comes. Don't feel good about selling it to someone as is.

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