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NLC Beads 2009-04-19 11:47am

I tried this with the clear core last time I needed to make stringer and really like the results, thanks so much for sharing this!

Rudy 2009-04-20 3:59pm

This tutorial rocks!!!! Thanks so much for sharing the information!

Carols Glass 2009-04-20 9:43pm

I really enjoyed this tutorial but more than that I learned so much, thank you!

Maureen14 2009-05-05 12:36am

This was a wonderful tutorial.

Birdy 2009-05-07 1:02pm

Rose~ Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your SIS "recipe"! I've been disapointed with SIS, as it just didn't have enough movement and texture to it, no matter how much heat I blasted it with, how it was applied, etc. Your version with the clear core is absolutely PERFECT!! It just takes seconds in the flame for it to spread out, and the clear, plus the gap in the silver, make it look so much more textural. Thank-you!!!

rosemarie23 2009-05-08 6:23am

Thank you all for more wonderful feedback.

PattyK 2009-05-08 10:59am

Thanks so much Rose - this tutorial looks wonderful!

I can't wait to give it a try! :love:

Mitosis Glass 2009-05-08 6:10pm

Fantastic, Rosemarie! Thanks so much for posting this! I can't wait to try it.

asimeral 2009-05-25 2:31pm


Your tut was interesting, well written, and detailed! I LOVE IT! Thx so much for posting this.

chrisdd 2010-09-12 10:18am

Rose, I am going to give you a giant hug the next time I see you! Your recipe for SIS worked great...pulled stringers this morning and made a bead. This is the first time I got SIS to actually do something interesting. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


rosemarie23 2010-09-12 10:34am

lol Chris! Glad it worked.

Maybe I should aim for the cabin next spring.

I have to confess though - sometimes it is just the ivory. Some are better than others, and I'm talking about different batches of Effetre Dark Ivory.

When it's working right, it sure is fun.

Donna T. 2010-09-15 3:51pm

Oh so glad this thread made it to the first page again or I would have missed all this golden knowledge. Wonderfully written, great photos, very easy to understand. I too can't wait to use clear as the core. I like that you left some of the ivory uncovered too. I tend to freak out when it doesn't cover completely and scramble around, almost burning myself, trying to find a tiny piece to add in. But at the same time I don't get as much movement and texture as you do Rose. I think using the clear and having some ivory showing will greatly improve my SS.

Thank you so much for writing, sharing and posting pictures on your technique Rose!

Copperrein 2010-09-15 4:10pm

Oh wow, I second Donna on that....just the description of how you let the center droop before pulling was outstanding! Thankyou!

rosemarie23 2010-09-15 6:29pm

Like so many things, there are probably as many ways to make SIS as there are beadmakers.

It fun to see more people giving this method a try.

cem 2010-09-16 8:10am

But for me there is only one way that works!!!! Yours!!!

I was ready to give up, all I ever wanted was to make organic beads, with SIS. I tried ever SIS method, none worked for me. They always turned out dark and ugly.

I studied the tut. last night, thought about it all night and then this morning I pulled a stringer and made a bead.

I have never been impressed with my SIS work. But to today, for the first time I got SIS to actually do something interesting.

I'm so excited!!! You made my day! Thanks you so very, very much for sharing. \\:D/

rosemarie23 2010-09-16 8:22am

Oh... you all are going to make me cry - but in a good way, lol.

Rareripes 2012-08-19 10:20pm

Rose..I am bumping this again because I have never produced any nice SIS.My method always came out lumpy and quite ugly.If it wasn't so late right now would be in my studio..SISing away!Thank you sooo much!

rosemarie23 2012-08-20 5:07am

Lol! It's been a while since this surfaced. I'm goad that it helped.

Rareripes 2012-08-20 5:46am

LOL..I actually DID stay up and made SIS via your tutorial and i have to say..I used it on a couple beads and it was fantastic.Unfortunately I was not concerned with shaping the bead much so I can't show..but it worked!!
Thanks again!

fionac 2012-08-23 6:03am

Thanks Rose, this is fantastic, I tried it tonight and for the first time ever got little balls of silver on my bead, and I now have another use for the pounds of scummy Effetre I have on hand ...

annieb43 2012-09-11 11:13pm

wow I was finally able to make a long stringer that wasn't thin as hair.
Thank you!

nspirov 2016-03-11 8:56am

Thank you
This needs bumping up again, great tutorial, thank you so much.

rosemarie23 2016-03-22 7:18am


Originally Posted by nspirov (Post 4834739)
This needs bumping up again, great tutorial, thank you so much.

Aww.. Thank you!

KJohn 2018-01-18 8:45am


Eileen 2020-05-06 9:41am

Kristin, how did you like it with the clear core? I might try some today.
And bumping again, LOL.

KJohn 2020-05-08 3:02pm

I might try some again too, I haven't been happy with mine lately, all sorta gray and washed out. So I need to remember this technique again. I have been adding fine stirngers of intense black, or a little intense black frit, to help with the reactions. And I like that.

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