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brayjr4484 2010-12-21 5:06pm

Endless Highway!!!
So After a great three weeks in Florida We are rollin out for Texas on Thur Headed south of houston to the Beach to camp for a week or so, then to a shop in houston, then to Dallas. Is there anyone along the way that wants some guests?

Ive learned alot about many aspects glass/ glass business in Florida :) It will def be a treat to see how this compares to new places and new friends.

brayjr4484 2011-01-09 12:51pm

Been working in a great shop in Katy, Texas all week! Rollin out for Austin in next few days!

brayjr4484 2011-02-01 6:56pm

So Austin was a blast! Big thanks to everyone down there yall know who ya are :) We are now in Denton Texas outside Dallas @ the MAD glass studio :) Rolllin out of here and headed towards New Mexico then Arizona. Any one along the way wanna have some guests ;) We kinda destinationless after Texas. Just Headed WEST! ~Lovin Life~ JR

Cornbread 2011-02-01 10:04pm

I'm envious of your glass adventure!

torchsongjewelry 2011-02-01 11:20pm

Hey, were in New Mexico? With this storm it's going to take a little while to get here. If you're coming thru Albuquerque I'd love to connect. PM me if you need a quiet cul de sac to seek a little solice upon. I'm upgrading my little studio and would love a little input.

GLASSFREEK 2011-02-03 5:44am

cool, just rollin the other way from OR just got to fort stokton Texas last night to see snow :),FLorida here we come.

Waves on road :)

patienthand 2011-02-03 5:50am

where in florida? I am in orlando

brayjr4484 2011-02-14 11:54am

Got ventilation workin finaly~ Headed to NM this week

brayjr4484 2011-03-09 2:30pm

Headed to Flagstaff or Sedona Arizona or around there this weekend. Then to Phoenix to visit grandma and then San Diego to visit my sister. Looking for kind people on the way that would like some company or just wanna meet up for a bit. Would love to do some more collabs, been having a blast in New Mexico. :) ~JR

brayjr4484 2011-03-20 5:00pm

In flagstaff working my butt off on some jewelry @ a RV park :) Started a new blog if anyone is interested. Headed south to Sedona, then Pheonix then Cali. Looking to find kind peeps in Cali and Oregon who would like some visitors. We are always down to help out however we can to earn our keep. Cali is crazy as far as having to book rv parks way in advance so trying to set up our west coast visits now so we can plan ahead. A first for us ;) Would much rather pay you some cash or do work for you than stay @ a RV park 2019-08-09 10:59pm

I'm inspired

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