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Jason 2009-02-06 11:12am

LE software upgrade
We just upgraded the vBulletin forum software that LE uses to version 3.7.5. You may notice a few new features or minor changes. As always, please report any issues you may come across or questions about the new features in the "Site Issues, Questions, and Suggestions" forum.

Geneva 2009-02-23 5:05pm

A strange post in Stained Glass

Just K 2009-03-15 7:28pm

I'm having trouble navigating to LE. I get redirected to a search page when I type it in, and even clicking on one of those links doesn't work. This time I found a back door through the google search section where there is an index of tutorials.

Any thoughts?

simvet02 2009-03-27 5:52pm

I got a pop up on my browser that said I had a new private message. I had not been to LE today nor did I have it up in a tab. Is that a new feature? That it notifies me even if I'm not at LE? Kind of creepy and good at the same time.

By the way, there is no new private message.

angelique_redhead 2009-03-31 1:00pm

I'm having some odd issues myself today. Every time I try to go into the Bathroom it says the message I just saw on the main board is not there nor are 3 new threads I know were there and that designerbeads is in the chat room. I logged out and it said my cookies have been cleared and I'm STILL getting that. :love: Angelique

I talked to the computer guru and we did a lot of things. I have NO CLUE what finally fixed it. Thanks! :love: Angelique

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