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Studio 34 Creative Arts Center 2013-04-18 4:34pm

kiln question
I have a couple of ToolBox kilns. Not Chili Pepper....the original Tool Box kilns by Glass Palette.
One of the kilns needs a new heating element. Does anyone service these kilns?
If I have to wind a new element, what is the wire gauge and is it nickel/chromium wire or something else?
There's a small inner coil and an outer coil.
Studio 34 Creative Arts Center and Gallery
Rochester, New York

shawnette 2013-04-18 4:59pm

I have one and I have a Chilipepper, as well. It's the same element. Mine is an encased element, though.

shawnette 2013-04-18 5:01pm

(Basically, what I'm saying is just order a Chilipepper element from JenKen.)

GLASSFREEK 2013-04-18 7:55pm

from dons web site :).

here is the replacement coil purchasing information :
Douglas Maxwell
Hyndman Industrial Products, Inc.
(260) 483-6042 Ext. 313
(260) 483-1722 Fax
The part number will be GLASP.COIL.KIT. A kit includes three replacement coils and three sets of coil hanger wires. Call for pricing.
They accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express credit card payment. Lead time for shipment of these kits would be 3-5 days after receipt of order.

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