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Biz.e.beads 2013-11-11 7:10pm

Kiln Question
I have a Paragon kiln and it is rusting - is this normal?

flaming_fools 2013-11-11 7:34pm

I would think so. Don't have one, but the outside is metal, and many metals oxidize/rust.

houptdavid 2013-11-11 8:15pm

GLASSFREEK 2013-11-12 9:36pm

if its steel its going rust.


28676bhe 2013-11-12 9:47pm

Is the kiln in a temperature controlled environment? Heat and a/c?

Puddy Tat Glass 2013-11-12 10:03pm

Before I had my studio built I kept my kiln in the garage, wrapped in the original plastic wrap stuff. After it was in the studio for a while I noticed little spots of rust appearing...only on the outside of the kiln. It never affected the performance and never amounted to more than cosmetic blemishes...just sayin', you've got company in your boat.

GLASSFREEK 2013-11-13 9:54am

Why it rusts is, brick and other kiln material are pores, they suck up moister.
Every time you turn the kiln on it and it heats up it sweats, wherever there is a crack in the constriction is where it will rust as the steam escape's.


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