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susanknopp 2017-01-26 1:49pm

blue bird paragon kiln setup
Hi I am kinda new to flameworking. I am setting up my studio and got the annealing kiln yesterday. I put the mandral holder on the front of the new bluebird jr. kiln, and the beads keep touching the fiber blanket- is this ok? I thought they would rest mid air. I called paragon and they said to adjust the mandral rack, but the blanket would still hit the bead. Is there a fix for this? also I am working in 104 glass any ideas how to ramp this up? Do I have to go down in temp. slowly? thank so much-- Helpless in sacramento

Aussiechick 2017-02-11 6:47pm

Hi Susan. lm also new and also just purchased a Paragon kiln! Glad you have found solution. Ive had trouble sorting out temperatures on annealing and understanding how to use the kiln, but ironing it all out slowly from searching on here and using google. Good luck!

AVTrout 2017-02-24 10:32am

Hello ladies, I also have a Paragon Bluebird kiln and just in case you need a good schedule, here is the one that I use. I've tweaked it and worked it out over the last few years with advice from the kind peeps here on LWE.


AVTrout 2017-02-24 10:34am

This is also a good thread that I started a while ago. Lots of helpful advice.

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