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Heather Sellers 2014-12-03 9:31pm

Free Minion Tutorial for BOC
Here is a link to the "Make a Minion Challenge" and free tutorial:


Happy Beading,

SharonP 2014-12-03 9:38pm

Thanks, Heather.... great tut!

carolinainmymind 2014-12-04 5:59am

Soooo cute! Thank you!

Chocake 2014-12-04 8:20am

OOooH FUN! Thanks for sharing

PattyK 2014-12-04 8:22am

That's fantastic Heather! What a perfect BoC bead! :)

Thank you!

Heather Sellers 2014-12-04 9:39am

Many thanks! I can't wait to see everyone's twist on the silly design. With the new minion movie slated to come out, it will be a big hit with the kids at Beads of Courage. Love it!

Nighthawk 2015-01-11 5:02pm

cute :)

Mina 2015-01-11 11:03pm

This is a fun tutorial. I didnt put my own spin on it, but Ive got some ideas bouncing around in my head. Ill post pics once I start to make them with my own twist. I really enjoyed making it, thanks for sharing it.

kerribeads 2015-01-13 8:36pm

Heather, this is wonderful!!! Thank you for creating this tutorial. As soon as my new studio is up and running I'll be making some minions and sending them to BoC.

asimeral 2015-01-16 11:06am

:-) Really cute! Thanks for sharing.

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