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Fuel mix problems
I’m trying to restart my lampwork life after a series of broken torch problems and relocation.My torch was “repaired” twice at a welding shop and it kind of blew up twice because of leaks. So, I got a new torch (Minor Burner) and set it all up in a new studio and my oxy concentrator that was fine two months ago, now does not seem to provide enough steady oxygen. That is my diagnosis. The reason I feel that this is the problem is because my torch changes from a good flame to a long yellow flame and back again. After a few times it extinguishes itself suddenly.
Can I fix my own concentrator?
I can’t even find where to open it up.
If I need a new one, where do I find one that I can afford? I have very little money to buy one. I have no idea where I got this one.
I live in Dallas, Texas.
I would like to make some money from my beads like I have in the past, then I would be able to afford something.
Can anybody offer help?

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