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Lilion 2018-06-19 1:55pm

Help! Should I buy this Respironics EvenFlo oxycon
I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong place. This maybe should be in torches?

I recently decided to take up lampworking after taking several classes and I purchased a Bethlehem Alpha, used, (for the price of a new, but that's another story). Now I'm looking to get the oxygen and other necessities to get started. I have checked welding supply places and the cost of a 20 cubic foot tank is over $115, plus I have to buy a regulator, etc., then would cost $25 per refill. Medical supply tell me they won't sell without a prescription and any oxygen concentrators that are no longer suitable for medical uses are returned to the manufacturer, so that was a bust and too pricey anyway.

I found a used Respironics EvenFlo online locally. It apparently belonged to an elderly relative and has been taking up space in a closet for 3 years. The price is $100, negotiable.

What do I need to know about this unit before I buy it? It sounds like a decent price if it works, and he'll probably come down, but I know nothing about oxygen concentrators. Can anyone tell me what to check out?

Thanks! I'm beginning to suffer buyer's remorse and wish I'd just bought a hothead kit!

echeveria 2018-06-19 3:02pm

Ask how many hours it has on it. Usually a medical unit is serviced regularly, and for $100 I would jump on it. Your Alpha would be happier with a second one, but I bet it will work just fine on one. I know my Bobcat did for many years until I upgraded.

Also see if it runs. Purity would be the unknown factor. I don't know of a way to test that.

Lilion 2018-06-19 4:59pm

Thank you. Some specific questions...

HOW many hours are too many?
Does anyone know how to check iit out?
If it needs new filters, etc., is that something I can purchase at a reasonable price?

Thanks. I really need answers. I'd hate this to slip thru my fingers.

Lilion 2018-06-19 5:23pm

I've now been told the following:

There is a card on it that says "6/4/14 % of concentration96@2. 6 hrs" and the meter says 0013 and a number 4 in red.

Does that make sense?

echeveria 2018-06-19 9:17pm

13 is very low hours, barely used, and 96 % is good purity. Does it run is the biggest question.

Lilion 2018-06-20 6:16am


Originally Posted by echeveria (Post 4994952)
13 is very low hours, barely used, and 96 % is good purity. Does it run is the biggest question.

I'll find out tonight at 6:30. Husband and I are meeting him and I'll plug it in, check filter, look for warning lights, etc. Basically everything I can do based upon the owner's manual I found on-line.

The hours actually have me a little freaked. I suppose it's possible, but I'm wondering if they roll over. Could it be 10,013.6, instead of 0013.6?

So many things I don't know about buying these things.

echeveria 2018-06-20 7:08am

I think it would have to show the 10. Mine go up further than 9,999. And they all have more than 10k on them, and run just fine.

Lilion 2018-06-20 9:05am

Thanks Kathy...I appreciate the input. Fingers crossed.

echeveria 2018-06-20 9:10am

Hope it works out.

Katia 2018-06-20 12:22pm

Lilion, this device is from Philips company and in general, it is good, very lightweight and mobile. Just search google for the spares - filters, etc, if these are available and not too expensive. Humidifier (I am not sure it is the right word) for medical purposes is installed inside the body of the oxycon, may be you'll need to pull it out, if it is still there. If it works (test it on 5 lpm, for some time), gives no yellow or red lights and just in case you'll be able to get service and spares, it is a very good deal. In my country Philips gives 60 months of warranty (this is over 40,000 hours) for the price of appr. 1100$ for a new one.

Lilion 2018-06-20 7:44pm

I did buy it at the price of $80. Turned it on, it seems to run fine, no warning lights, very quiet. I did look at the filter, but as it is enclosed, there's not much to see. You can feel the air coming out, but i have no way to test the oxygen percentage of course. The seller said his grandfather only had it a very short time before going into a nursing home, which accounts for the very low hours. All in all, I'm hopeful. Every other used one has been more than double the price.

echeveria 2018-06-21 7:32am

since it has been stored, I would run it for several hours before using it. I have a collection of concentrators, and use them in different combinations depending on which torches I have hooked up and how I want them to run, and always let mine run a while when they have been sitting for long periods. I probably need to run them periodically anyway, but eh. I think this sounds like a real score.

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