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JanetB58 2008-08-16 5:52am

Cracked Beads
I want to know if I can use any beads that have cracked....(I left them out of the flame too long) crush up and use for frit???? I don't want to waste anything.....Thanks:grin:

RaymondMillbrae 2008-08-16 10:13am

Of course! (Unless there's some type of "chemical thing" I am not aware of).

Crush them, then sift them through a screen to get most of them equal sized.

In Christ: Raymond

Cabanlet 2008-08-16 2:29pm

I have also seen people (Amber- Naos) slump them in the kiln and make cabs out of them.


SteveWright 2008-08-16 4:08pm

When I have tried to make seconds into frit, I end up with mud color frit.


beadsoncypress 2008-08-16 7:09pm

Or you can clean them and fuse them into puddles and make magnets, earrings,, and pins...

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