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Copperrein 2011-06-12 4:57am

Help! My Clear Turns AMBER!
Hi guys and girls,

I'm using Effetre 10mm clear, which works fanTABulous for most colors, but it seems gaia and psyche are leaving a lot of silver on the clear while they're reduced. My other silver reduction colors don't do this.

Suggestions, ideas? Anything? I would prefer not to fume the crap out of my clear, thanks ;D

PerfectDeb 2011-06-12 5:04am

Use zephyr :)

Copperrein 2011-06-12 7:56am

Does it come in 10mm?

PerfectDeb 2011-06-13 4:33am

not yet

the rods are fairly thin actually, maybe 6mm

wendbill 2011-06-13 4:44am

Fuming is a heat issue isn't it? Can you let your base cool a bit more before you apply the clear?

PerfectDeb 2011-06-13 2:46pm

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some colours just react, have you not seen my frozen urine bead covered in boogers? this is reichenbach clear over silver foil - i very carefully didnt burn off the foil at all, (so the core was quite cool) i was going for a clear bead with a sparkly silver core, then i got all enthusiastic and put squiggles of some kind of silver glass over the outside and just to add insult to huge injury, over reduced the squiggles

ta da!!

obsessionwoman 2011-06-14 12:43pm

I would love some Zephyr.....If they would get it into production......

suzanne 2011-06-14 12:47pm

It's definetly the fumes from the silver glass that make the clear turn yellow.

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