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Angie09 2012-08-24 5:34pm

Any one have pics of the new DH Boreas?
I'm trying to decide if I want to buy some of the new DH pics or info? Please......

simvet02 2012-08-24 7:50pm

Thanks for asking the question, now lets see if we get some pics.

Hayley 2012-08-24 9:33pm

I did a quick test bead with Boreas . . . must play with it some more for it am loving the iridescence and range of colors under encasement!

PolychromeBeads 2012-08-24 11:38pm

Is that straight Boreas with clear over it? All I got was pale blue with a little bit of iridescence. Maybe I reduced too much?


Angie09 2012-08-25 5:49am

Hayley ... that's gorgeous but I thought it was supposed to be purple??

JavaGirlBT 2012-08-25 6:02am

Here it is reduced, encased and with black lines.

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