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simvet02 2013-10-27 1:07pm

Tuxedo blues....
I have a little problem that I'm still shaking my head at. I had a customer who bought a long black tube bead with silvered ivory decorations. She asked for some smaller tube beads to go with it. I used one single Tuxedo rod to make all four small tube beads.

The two with the silvered ivory look fine but the plain black tube beads clearly look like they were made with cobalt blue. I don't think I even have a rod that color. I didn't the color difference before sending them to her. The only thing I can think is that Tuxedo is made with a blue base???
Anyone else ever had this problem?

Eileen 2013-10-27 1:14pm

I have never used Tuxedo so don't know, but I'm curious. The two "blue" ones look like they have a white core, is that just the photo?

simvet02 2013-10-27 1:26pm

No, I use a clear base and missed a spot of covering it. Needless to say I'm glad I get to replace these but I'm thinking I'm going to try using Hades this time.

Sheila D. 2013-10-27 1:29pm

Tuxedo is a blue base but I've never seen it do should still look black.

Dasi 2013-10-27 4:23pm

Maybe too much clear as the base?
Toward the top of the biggest tube bead, it looks blue. Maybe more clear and less black in that spot too?

Kalorlo 2013-10-28 2:39pm

Maybe do the small beads as solid tuxedo? I've never seen it such a cobalt blue though.

Jolene did a test of different blacks in thin applications, her tuxedo looks nothing like yours.

I seem to recall there was once a batch of charcoal that got mixed up with tuxedo, but charcoal's not so blue either.

That's really weird!

rosemarie23 2013-10-28 3:11pm

That is really weird! I've not had Tuxedo do that either.

Elizabeth Beads 2013-10-28 5:20pm

My Tuxedo has a gray base. Vetrofond black has a bluish base.

simvet02 2013-10-29 1:21pm

At the risk of making myself crazy, I'm wondering if it was Hades. .....LOLOL

I did make some new ones today with solid Hades. Hopefully they will turn out black.

Thanks for all the replies. I really appreciate your answers.

dianeconroy 2013-10-29 5:31pm

there was something at one time about being able to reduce or fume I believe it was Hades. The only reason I remember is I tried to duplicate it and couldn't. I can't find the thread. Seems strange that the 2 without silver would turn more blue than the ones with silver. The end of the longest bead has a blue look to the ends in the picture.

theglasszone 2013-10-29 9:06pm

Your solid Hades should be fine. :) Not sure what the heck to think of the Tuxedo though...maybe it was a weird reaction to the clear. What clear did you use for the base? Was it a Lauscha clear? :-k

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