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octarockstudio 2014-03-15 9:22pm

boro casting
hi i start to get most my old work . i have so much of it now just laying in boxes.

i work i going to put them in flower pots over the molds i made and melt then down what tep am i look at in a klin to melt down boro?
also whats a good tep to fire polish.

AuntD 2014-03-16 2:02pm

I think the deafening silence you hear is because no one has done this. I thought about it once, but I don't know whether my kiln even goes up that high, and I forget what temperature you had to reach. Good luck! If you manage it, report back!

Pickledkitty 2014-03-19 6:02pm

I have done a vitrigraph pull with soft boro (60 or so coe) and it had to get up to 1850 F to start the glass moving. At that temp you end up firing the flower pot higher than it was previously, which can cause it to crack badly. This guy was experimenting with it last year:

Good Luck!

octarockstudio 2014-03-30 6:33am


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