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Lilion 2018-08-09 7:14pm

How important are the specialty glasses?
The first several times I took classes to make beads we were just using regular safety glasses like you buy at the hardware store. There were l only a few pair of the didyuim glasses available and more students. I'm now gathering all i need to work at home and realized i forgot glasses. I've been looking for some or the AUR-92/ACE type.

I'll be working mostly in recycled glass, liquor and wine bottles and the like, and 104. I won't be spending hours at the torch. I guess what I'm wondering is if the sodium flare will do actual damage, or if I can do without for a bit. I do wear prescription glasses, progressive bifocals, that are anti-glare, but I'd put safety glasses over them.


Lilion 2018-08-09 7:20pm

You know, never mind. I'm being both cheap and stupid. I'm fairly light sensitive anyway. But if anyone could tell me where to get them at the best price, I'd be most appreciative.

Eileen 2018-08-09 8:01pm

You might put a post "in search of" here and on the FB destash pages, and here is a discount site that might have what you're looking to buy:

Shaper 2018-08-09 8:41pm

Most lampworking supply stores online have an assortment. I like the "Mountain Glass Arts" web site for a lot of tools and materials.
And yes they are absolutely needed. Without them it is hard to see what is going on when your work is in the flame.

If you work without them for any length of time headaches and sore burning eyes are common. Also the IR, infra red, coming from the flame will burn your retina

which does not heel.

Lilion 2018-08-09 8:43pm

Thank you both.

echeveria 2018-08-09 8:47pm

Glad you realized you should get the proper eyewear! They are the first, most important, thing you need. You will damage your eyes without them. Frantz Art Glass, Mountain Glass Arts, Auralens, Wale Apparatus, ABR will all have them.

KEW 2018-08-09 10:03pm

You can see the glass a whole lot better without sodium flare. You really want them!

Atushe 2018-09-26 1:30am

I use glasses for all shooting. I find it very difficult to shoot with progressive lenses. I use progressives for daily use. For shooting I have a pair of lined bifocals with the distance prescription moved to the left , so that I am looking down the optical center. This gives you less distortion & works well for me.

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