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skriegs 2019-11-06 11:13am

Over 50lbs glass rod for sale
Hello lampworkers! I recently purchased a large lot of glass with a kiln that I bought to use for glass fusing. The previous owner had been using the kiln for lampworking and I now have a huge assortment of colored rods from Arrow Springs glass, definitely over 50 lbs. I am looking to try and sell the lot locally in Denver, but am curious what a good price would be. From the research I have done, I think it is worth about $400-500 but I am interested in what experienced lampworkers think. Here are a few quick photos.

Thanks for your input, if you are interested in purchasing please let me know.

Shaper 2019-11-06 2:45pm

Is it boro or soft glass?

Croft Eeusk 2019-11-06 2:54pm

First thing folks will want to know is what COE it is & who manufactured the glass. Is it Arrow Springs Bella Donna? Or is it Effetre, CiM/Messy, Vetrofond or something else?

Also, some colors bring more $.

Welcome to LE - there's a bunch of peeps who fuse here too.


skriegs 2019-11-06 4:41pm

It is COE 104 from Arrow Springs.

Robin Passovoy 2019-11-07 10:21am

Any silver glass or dichroic?

Croft Eeusk 2019-11-07 1:10pm

Arrow Springs makes Bella Donna & only sells Effetre now, so it could be either, but I can't recall if I used to buy other makers there years ago.

Old glass usually sells below what it costs from sellers like Franz. Arrow Springs, etc. if it's just basic colors - especially if the rods are unidentified by the seller. Specialty glass no longer produced will bring more.

There is a Garage Sale room here & several groups on Face Book.


echeveria 2019-11-07 1:18pm

Back when I started around 2008 Arrow Springs sold Effetre and Vetrofond, and then the ASK line.

A lot of the basic colors sell between $6-$9 from distributors on sale. I always check on Frantz and Howaco to see what going rates are. Frantz has a lot on sale for 50% off list this week. As has been said, some colors are worth more than others, and it is hard to give you a range without knowing what you have. Some will sell for $5/lb, some for $100/lb. It will probably not sell for $400-$500 without a detailed description of what you have in hand.

AmorphousDesigns 2019-11-08 3:28pm

how hard do you want to work to search, sort, monitor various sales, pack and ship?

If you want maximum $$, then you will need to put in some time to figure out what you have, the market value, take pictures, make and monitor sales posts, etc

If you want it gone with less effort, I suggest you consider $5/pound plus shipping and sell as one lot.

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