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stafford.glassworks 2019-11-29 8:27pm

Little Barbed Hoses on GTT Lynx
Hi! Just got a Lynx and am wondering, what do I do with the two little barbed hose extensions that hook up to the torch? My old torch, the hoses just hooked straight up to the torch, no extensions. Does anyone know? TY!

echeveria 2019-11-30 5:40am

I cut the threaded connectors off one end of ny hoses, added a hose clamp, shove the hoses on the barbs, screwed the clamp down tight. Mine were hard to get on. When I take them off, I cut them off.

Shaper 2019-11-30 11:53am

That is the way to mount your hoses. I mounted 2-8 inch pieces of hose on my torch and then put quick connects on there and the ends of the main hoses so I could disconnect and reconnect them easily.

echeveria 2019-11-30 7:03pm

I have my quick connects at the tank end of the hoses so I can toss them inside when I am done for the day. Tanks are outside, hoses live inside.

stafford.glassworks 2019-12-01 7:02pm

Can anyone post a picture so I can get a better idea? ty!

echeveria 2019-12-01 7:49pm

I can get a picture tomorrow of my Alpha. I have it hooked up the same way, except the alpha doesn’t have the pigtail hoses attached.

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